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One of the best political acts I’ve seen over the past two years is that the N.Y. legislature gerrymandered me out of the third congressional district. The winning candidate in that district was George Santos. He has been in Congress for less than a month, and so many of his untrue statements made during the campaign have been revealed.

I have a controversial opinion about Santos’s misleading statements during the campaign. My belief is that he wasn’t purposely lying. Looking at his acts and claims, one can believe he needs mental help. Face it, the guy is crazier than a dog in a hubcap factory.

Here are some examples:

  • He stole $3,000 from the GoFundMe account he set up to get medical help for the sick puppy of a Navy Vet, Richard Osthoff. Thanks to Santos’ theft of the cash, Mr. Osthoff’s dog died. Anyone who steals money from a dog who needs medical help has to be crazy. When someone kicks a  gentle dog,  his mental ability is questioned. This is much worse than kicking a dog. No one with a normal brain would let that dog die.


  • If asked what’s the most horrible U.S. tragedy in their lifetime, most people old enough to understand will say the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01. The names of people who died during the attack are repeated in televised ceremonies and printed in newspapers every year since. Yet Santos claimed his mom, Fatima A.C.H. Devolder, died in the attack. However, the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services show that Santos’ mom wasn’t near the towers during the attack. In fact, she was in Brazil. One has to be nuts to say his mom was a victim when the list of victims commemorated every 9/11 anniversary, and narcissistic to use a major tragedy for political purposes.


  • Taking advantage of another tragedy, Santos claimed his grandparents had fled anti-Jewish persecution in Belgium and then Ukraine before World War II. In fact, his grandparents were born in Brazil in 1927 and 1918. As said above, it is crazy and narcissistic to lie about a tragedy for political purposes. Lying about being Jewish can be forgiven if he is crazy enough to agree to be circumcised (even if he was already circumcised) without painkillers.


  • When he lived in Brazil, Santos dressed as a drag queen named “Kitara.” I will not put down the drag queen part. But with today’s use of the internet to reveal people’s backgrounds, Santos was crazy to run for office, thinking it wouldn’t be revealed.

  •  In 2008 Santos was hit with a fraud charge in Brazil for allegedly using a stolen checkbook; Brazilian authorities recently said they would revive the charge now that they know Santos’ whereabouts. He had to be nuts to think that Brazilian authorities wouldn’t look at U.S. election results and notice that one of the winners was a loser.

I am never surprised when a politician lies or holds back information, But Santos didn’t just lie or omit information. His falsehoods were the kind that only a crazy person would make.



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