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George only 15% to Donald’s 51%


So where did the GOP go wrong in 2016, with the ever-steady downward spiral of likely to less likely voters? In 1992 George W. had a 60% more likely and only 15% less likely after the GOP Convention, while Donald Trump had a whopping 36% more likely to the 51% less likely to vote for the GOP candidate. This is worse than the “Choker and Loser” of Mitt Romney who had 40% more likely and 38% less likely. Who truly is the choker and loser of the Republican Party?

First, we need to be real, where many Republicans through the years have tossed around the word RINO “Republican in Name only”, Donald is the ultimate RINO in all senses of the word. His rhetoric is a warmonger, his acceptance of PP is a liberal ideal, his progressively socialistic idealism of a one payer health care, and his high taxation all show repugnant signs of a liberal and not that of a true Conservative, the legs of the Republican Party. While at the same time Reince Priebus promised a GOP win in 2016 for POTUS, he has attached his head to the backside of Trump in a way that not even surgery can remove the two currently.

While most GOP candidates enjoyed a few weeks of a bump, within a few short days the minuscule bump that Trump received was more than erased by the DNC candidate, a well-known liar and criminal, Hillary Clinton. To add to the fire of the RINO in force, he has attacked the parents of a Military Hero, attacked firefighters who saved him from harm, and still continues to attack Ted Cruz, instead of going after the liberal candidate. People are starting to see that there is a personal agenda for Donald, which is far from “Making America Great Again” as he espouses.

To make matters worse, we have a GOP candidate that is flirting with and trying to go on a date with the communist leader Putin of Russia and has praised the slain leader of Iraq. He does this while slamming reporters, past competitors, and other political leaders and donors. Donald shows a less than desirable mental instability that edges upon total collapse into egotism, multiple personalities, and psychotic events beyond compare of the average adult.

A Gallup poll released on Monday provided some ominous signs for Donald Trump. The poll found that 51% of the 1,000 adults surveyed said that they were less likely to vote for Trump following the Republican National Convention.

Only 36% said that they were more likely to vote for the New York businessman after he was officially named the GOP nominee. Monday’s poll was the first instance since Gallup began tracking Republican and Democratic conventions in 1984, that voters were less likely to vote for the party nominee in the immediate aftermath of his or her convention.

Supplied by AOL news.

“I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. I’ll bring back our jobs from China, from Japan from Mexico from so many places. I’ll bring back our jobs and I’ll bring back our money.” Maybe he should try to do his job as RNC candidate and win the election first.

While Trump brags of having donations in the amount of 67 million throughout his campaign, the month after the GOP convention with Mitt Romney saw over 100 million in donations. While Trump states he is going to win the election, we see his numbers at a 27% chance of winning the election.

In Style, Gravitas, Intellect, and numbers, I will Pick George W. Bush over Donald Trump any day, and Mitt Romney, a man of elegance, gravitas, and world affairs intellect was twice the candidate that Donald is. Donald is the ultimate RINO, people know it, see it, and won’t sponsor his ignorance………….


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