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Democrat National Committee chairman candidate Keith Ellison has the patience more reminiscent of the paid protesters outside a Donald Trump rally then a respected member of the House of Representatives. He has had multiple departures from civility since he first took elective office. Several of them are documented here.

DNC Chair Candidate Cancels Interview When Agenda Is Revealed 


A statement from the New York Times said, “Aides to Mr. Ellison were going to make him available for a telephone interview, but then declined when informed that he would be asked about his past comments on Mr. Farrakhan.”


Keith Ellison disrespects the highly rated and long time radio and TV host Sean Hannity on his TV show “Hannity.” He clearly comes into the interview with a departure from civility and almost immediately said  Hannity is a bad journalist. Hannity is easy to get along including when he interviews those with opposing views, but Ellison’s behavior was so far outside proper decorum he had to cut the segment short. Ellison’s behavior with Hannity is unbecoming of a member of the House of Representatives and not suitable for the struggling Democrat Party for him to be Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.


Ellison, Fields get personal in debate [with audio. Start at 36:50 for Ellison’s rant.


Keith Ellison has a suspended driver’s license 


Minnesota Democrats Exposed and Checks and Balances say Keith Ellison currently has a suspended driver’s license for not paying his parking tickets. Ellison declined comment when I asked him about the matter…


Ellison has had a rough stretch of late. He has also faced repeated questions about his past relationship with members of the Nation of Islam.


According to the following report, should he get the nomination, since the party is in such disarray, party elders believe to be an effective chairman Ellison should resign from his House seat. Ever defiant, he says he can do both jobs at the same time.


Ellison Says He Can Chair DNC, Work In Congress (video at 1:00)


Apparently, Keith Ellison doesn’t think our laws apply to him. He received multiple motor vehicle summonses that he refused to pay. He then had his license suspended several times as a result. Ellison had several liens on his assets for not paying his taxes. After a 2012 divorce, his ex-wife, Kim, has  multiple sclerosis,  had a court ordered restraining issued against him for harassment. As a member of the House of Representatives Ellison thinks he’s setting a good example for America’s youth by ignoring legal police orders by getting arrested on multiple occasions. Ellison is a bad choice for DNC chair.



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