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Raleigh, NC. – Sex reassignment surgeons are in place in NC bathrooms. Dr Walt is heading the effort to resolve all the unrest over confused people who want to use the wrong restroom.

“Snip, snip. Go right in, Ma’am.” The good Doctor laughed and waved a very sharp looking scalpel my way as this reporter began the interview. He was obviously having fun with me!

I assured him of my maleness and that I had no intention of using the ladies room that lay just beyond.

“Are you sure, young man? I’m here to help you with any identity problems you might have.” Dr. Walt urged as he waved that damn scalpel again.

“Yessir, I’m VERY sure!” I gasped and backed away, “Please, Doctor. The- the interview?”

“You’re sure you wouldn’t like me to remove the “offending” members so you can be the girl you were born to be?”

“NO, absolutely NOT!” your reporter cried. This interview was going nowhere, so your reporter decided to just relax and watch the good Doctor fulfill his charitable mission. It took awhile, but finally a guy in a dress appeared at the door.

I still remember the good Doctor’s words:

“Snip. Snip. Go right in Ma’am.”


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