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Since my last article on this uproar over who gets to use what bathroom when, the issue seems to have burst onto the public arena with exceptional speed. Just since that piece, a scant 4 days ago, Obama has jumped eagerly into this so-called “transgender rights” issue. He has sided with those who oppose, well oppose men using men’s rooms exclusively and women using women’s rooms exclusively. He has done so with a directive that all public schools through University level accommodate those who ‘identify as the opposite gender’ by allowing the use of women’s facilities by men or men’s facilities by women, literally depending on what gender they ‘feel’ like they are that day. If this directive is not followed, the offending school will face losing all federal funding (which makes a great case for not taking any of their dirty money to begin with, but that’s another article).

Target, not to be outdone in liberal-tolerance-nonsense-spewing by our president, has decided they should also make this accommodation for the Gender I.D. crowd demands and made allowing bathroom switching to be the policy in their stores as well. The push back over this has garnered over one million signatures calling for a boycott of Target.

However, we have also seen examples of the prime danger of assaults on children because of this kind of policy come to light It appears at least a portion of the people are beginning to become more aware and act against the bathroom tyranny being imposed upon us. That is a manifestly good thing. This prime danger to our children is the immediate objection that needs to be pushed, as hard as possible, to prevent the dangerous nonsense of ‘transgendered rights’ from taking a complete throttle hold upon us. I hope and pray that will be the case.

If this movement is not discredited and turned back, another dangerous path awaits us in society as a whole. The abuse of children is the immediate important concern and reason against that path, but it is not the greatest. The greatest danger lies in the fact that we are allowing a human entity to define what was divinely given, and that is a violation of both natural and moral law. Just as there is a physical, natural law and reality, there is a moral reality and law which exists superimposed upon the natural world as a governor of moral conduct. Most people have a rudimentary understanding of physical reality and laws. Most are ignorant of the moral reality around them, and most importantly, within them. The most known name for the recognition of a moral reality within us as humans is called our ‘conscience’. This phenomenon does not come from within us, it is comes from a divine source which I, and other Christians call the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is our ability to discern between what is morally ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, what is ‘good’ or ‘evil’. The most important thing to remember about this is that God gives us the ability to discern and tell what is good or what is evil; He does not give us the ability to determine what is good or evil. That ultimate moral standard has already been determined perfectly by the only One who could, God Himself. When human beings individually begin to deny the basics of both natural and moral reality, when their own view of themselves and the world does not correspond with actual reality, those human beings are mentally ill to one extent or another. Until recently, transsexualism was classified as a mental illness, known as Gender Identity Disorder. The APA bowed to political correctness and it is now classified as Gender Dysphoria, meaning that it is not the self-identification of gender as non biological which is a mental disorder. Rather it is the excessive anxiety suffered by transsexuals because others do not agree with their delusion which is the mental problem!

However this path toward gender and cultural chaos turns out, one thing is sure. We are literally witnessing a fundamental transformation of biological and moral truth, at least a serious attempt to do so, by our government and other high placed people in various areas. We are witnessing an attempted ursurpation of the created natural and moral order, the basics of gender reality, by the state. I hope and pray that at least we as followers of Christ will understand that this is idolatry as sure as if we set up a totum and began praying to it on the White House lawn! Our government is NOT God, and it should not be in the business of playing God, nor should any regard it as God! This is but the latest in the attempts to take the rightful place of God away from society by replacing God with government, and for a long time even the American church has cooperated in the effort. We are only getting a small preview of the chaos and grief that is to come if we continue down this avenue of idoatry.


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