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German financier Hubert Königstein calculated how much the German taxpayer pays for the maintenance of just one specifically taken Syrian “refugee” and his family. It turned out not less than 30 thousand euros per month.

Whatever you say, Germans can count money. Despite the German sentimentality and great love of Frau Merkel for the Syrian refugees…

After learning about a Syrian living in Montabaur (a town and the district seat of the Westerwaldkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany), who has 4 wives and 23 children, Hubert Königstein has scrupulously calculated, and then he wrote about his findings in the article published at Union of German Employers (DAV) website.

“Regardless of moral evaluation, it is always useful to look soberly at the facts and find out the exact figures,” Hubert Königstein emphasizes.

The author calculated the amounts that are on average paid as social assistance in Germany and compared it with the salary of an average worker-craftsman, who in this country ranks 20th in the list of low-paid professions.

Interesting fact, emphasizes Königstein, that if you have such a large family in Syria, then you do not get anything from the state.

Whereas in Germany, with 4 wives and 23 children, according to his calculations, you receive a benefit of 30 thousand 30 euros per month. Or 360,360 euros per year. This amount is equivalent to a combined average “net” salary of 12.2 young German workers, earning 2,461 euros per month each.

In addition, Koenigstein highlights one more thing, as he calls it an “interesting consideration” concerning the income tax.

He estimated that for the amount one such Syrian family receives as a monthly support, 95.5 young craftsmen have to contribute 314.33 euros of income tax each. And how much does this require of working time?

This also was calculated by the meticulous German financier! To earn a net wage, you need 146 working hours per month (1,596 euros plus 314,33 euros of income tax is 1,910.33 euros), or 220 working days per year. And in order to earn an amount equal to the income tax, you need to work 24 hours a month, that is, three working days.

Thus, 95.5 young German workers each month “give” the Syrian family the equivalent of 2,292 working hours.

Hubert Koenigstein believes that the situation in the German state of “general welfare” reflects organized irresponsibility and a violation of the principle of efficiency (privatization of profits and the socialization of salaries).

The financier emphasizes that no one has the right to live at the expense of another. “The above is not a call for a cancellation of assistance. But this is a knowledge base in order to determine what future we want to finance, and decide which way of life we want to finance,” he said. But, unfortunately, in the European Union, these questions are decided not by Mr. Königstein, but by absolutely other Gentlemen and Frau.

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