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As Republicans sink their fangs into the jerking hide of a dying ObamaCare carcass that failed leap to socialism has one champion in House;  Speaker Paul Ryan which may seem incredible until you examine the man. In high school Mr. Ryan’s nickname was “Brownnoser.”

President Barack Hussein Obama has left many “Muslim” breadcrumbs in the forest paths of national politics, saying, “The Islam call to evening prayer is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.” He wears jewelry inscribed with Arabic sayings and gave the one finger salute saying, “There is only one god and it is Allah” at a conference of Middle Eastern potentates, despots and scoundrels. He removes all jewelry during Ramadan as all devout Muslims do.

Meanwhile back at the swamp, Speaker Ryan has cooked up a new version of ObamaCare that many are calling “ObamaCare Lite,” as it has no tax/penalties, but just about everything else.  That this does not solve the problem seems to have eluded Mr. Ryan.  Who is this man?

Representative Ryan is married to the daughter of two lawyers very high up in Kansas politics and she is liberal Democrat lobbyist.  We ask if Paul is carrying a lot more than garbage to his DC curb every week and “pillow talk” includes serious business in the House of Ryan which is a burgeoning estate that has eaten several million Dollars in purchase and improvements to make it secure.  This on $174,000 per year?  Mrs. Ryan’s money?  Not likely…  Modern ladies say, “What is yours is ours and what is mine, is mine.”  Ask the man who has been through California Domestic Relations Court twice.  In California penis possession is a hanging crime.

The Ryan residence was the Parker Pen family mansion in Janesville, Wisconsin, but it had no security fencing or alarm system suitable for someone a lot of people dislike a whole bunch. Mr. Ryan is spending a rasher or two of cash that he may not be able to explain, and his like for ObamaCare just may have something to do with it, as there are billions of bucks at stake with insurance and drug companies.

The American medical/health care system is corrupt.  From the medical school tradition designed to “Keep the club small,” a hospital economic that pays Directors millions of Dollars to head “non-profit corporations” and an “ethical drug” industry that has to gag on the word “ethical” as nothing has been ethical therein for a century.  Recall the recent EpiPen scandal where the drug company maker raised the price 500%?

The EpiPen device is a spring-loaded “gun” that projects a small cylinder with a fine, hollow needle for a few milliliters of water containing 300 micrograms, 0.0003 grams, of Epinephrine into a muscle so it will diffuse, enter a bloodstream slowly, as the full shot in a vein causes heart attacks. A small, slow diffusing release is life-saving.   Such “intramuscular” injections are far easier to do than those requiring finding a vein and inserting the needle properly, thus such devices are usable in the field by anyone who can read simple instructions.

The hormone in the Epipen costs about a dime and the pen is not patentable as it is similar to many other such devices.  The only part of the system that is legally protectable is the label logo.  The pen had been selling for $56.45, which was already outrageous, but Mrs. Heather Bresch, daughter of US Senator Mancin, Democrat of West Virginia boosted it to $650 and her “compensation package” went from $2,453,456 to $19 million annually.  Can she spell “g-r-e-e-d?”

There can be no doubt people have died over this greed and many more will if our sick care business is not cleansed of the avarice it is includes today.

The French pharmaceutical maker Sanofi, the only competitor of Mylan, pulled it’s Epinephrine injecting device, “Auvi-Q,” under FDA pressure in 2015 citing problems with accuracy in dosing and pricing after having been on the market for years with no reported problems! Where the amounts involved are micrograms, millionths of a gram, we can understand the invention of an issue in this case as they are at the limits of measurement in medicine.  Do we detect the hand of Senator Mancin here?

It would seem solving a product problem would be preferred to leaving the market and since when is pricing an FDA problem or for a device delivering a dimes worth of chemical when it sells for over $50 and they now make no beef over a $600 price for a virtually identical device?  No other Sanofi products have been challenged! Dare we wonder why, Senator Mancin?

Meanwhile back at the watering trough, Mylan employees in their PAC contributed $60,750 to Senator Manchin between 2011 and 2016, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Apparently, these employees knew from where their livelihood came and how to keep it going. How many such companies have their own PAC for one US Senator?  Dare we ask such questions of Mr. Ryan?

If you spend a day in an American hospital you will get a bill for thousands of Dollars including $320 for one aspirin, $1,000 for a bed in a ward with other people. $7,000 for 15 minutes in an operating room, needing paint and having equipment that belongs in a museum and on through a nightmare of charges apparently designed to give you a heart attack and a trip back! American medicine is the new Spanish Main of pirates in white coats having exchanged swords for scalpels designed to open your checkbook.

Medical professionals justify this saying insurance companies, Federal and State government will not pay what they must have to offer their services so they have to overbill. The problem is that the innocent premium and tax payers do not make the problem and should not be involved to the point of receiving such bills as they are very upsetting. And, many pay them!  We say each case is a felony.

Say a hospital puts out 100 outrageous bills, which are each ten times what they should be, and sometimes more! Suppose only one of five patients pays! They will receive 2.8 times as much as they would have by billing correctly given what insurance companies and government will pay. No wonder they pay their administrators million Dollar a year compensation packages. These are the guys designing, promoting and executing the scam!

What to do when you are hit by such fraud?  Search on the Internet for a “master study” of the price for services you received. We did this when billed $20,000 for one cataract operation by a northern California hospital chain. We found two “master studies,” which are studies of studies, usually 100 or more, with a summary of the findings. Both master studies concluded that the national average price for a “cataractectomy” was $2,000! And, one noted the trend was declining such that they expected the price to be $1,600 by 2020 AD while the other master study noted the price for an identical operation in India, Mexico or Panama was $40.

We put this in a letter to our District Attorney, copy to the hospital, noting that in our opinion such billing was criminal fraud. We have heard nothing from the hospital or the District Attorney for two years.  Corruption runs long, deep and wide in America.

Fighting back may take and of several avenues: Cary Turner, an EMT coordinator of the Salt Lake City Fire Department, came up with solution to evade the cost of EpiPen. Turner devised a kit containing a small vial of Epinephrine, and a small syringe, got it approved for EMT agents to use. The price of Turner’s kit is $3.50.

Turner trained his EMT agents on how to properly administer Epinephrine. Turner uses an orange to demonstrate how to do an injection, but if you are or have a loved one allergic to bee stings, as did I when my son was young, you only need to find a medical pro to show you how to fill a syringe with the required dose, insert it in a thigh or butt muscle, which is easy, push and you have saved your loved one from death by anaphylactic shock. There have been no problems with Mr. Turner’s kit and trainings as the free market once again was the savior and we hope it will this time and keep us on our dream of making America great again!


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