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“Our friendship is not valued and our enmity is not feared.”

This will be Barrack Obama’s Legacy as President of the United States.

Libya seems to keep coming up in the political news; especially with Hillary running for president. So let me share my feelings on that subject.

As a personal aside, in the 1960’s when King Idris was the monarch of Libya, I was sent there on a NATO exercise. At the time I was stationed at 3rd Air Force Headquarters, South Ruislip U.K. with the 1969th Communications Group. The exercise was taking place at and around Wheelus Air Force Base near Tripoli Libya, long since closed. Up to that time I had never been outside the U.S. except to the U.K., oh that’s right I forgot a couple of trips to Tijuana when I was at collage in Los Angeles (how could I have forgotten those?)

Libya, outside of the base, was the dirtiest, shabbiest place I had ever seen; Tripoli in those days, made Tijuana look way upmarket. Flies all over the place, when we were on the exercise in the desert, we always had to spit a fly or two out of our mouths while eating rations because there were so many of them, there was no way for that not to happen. Although we were very close to the Mediterranean and the beach was great, I was very happy to get the hell out of there after about two weeks.

Here is some brief information on the country of Libya prior to Mummer Gaddafi’s takeover in1969. A little background that I hope proves interesting.

The Italians under Mussolini had invaded Libya in 1911 and made Libya an Italian colony. The Senussi Muslims in Cyrenaica are a political-religious order and were the largest tribe in Cyrenaica at that time. Cyrenaica is in eastern Libya (capital is Benghazi), one of the two then territories in Libya, the other being Tripolitania. The Senussi fought against the Italian’s from 1911 thru 1943 sustaining over 300,000 causalities in a population of only about one million.

A Senussi leader Idris had been made Emir of Cyrenaica in 1922. Emir Idris supported his countrymen’s struggle against the Italian’s and subsequently the German’s during WW II.
However, in 1922, shortly after being made Emir, and because of his support of his countrymen’s war, Idris was forced into exile in Egypt. Egypt then served as his base in a guerilla war against the Italians until 1943 when the Italians and the Germans were defeated in Libya.

Idris had helped the allies during the war by insuring his people provided information and intelligence to British and Americans forces. He had supported them in the hope of ridding Libya once and for all from the Italians and making Libya an independent country. Because of his active support of the allies during the war, the British supported him after the war ended and he was named the first and only King of Libya in 1951.

However by September 1969, he was in ill health and intended to abdicate in favor of his son. That never happened because on September 2nd 1969, Mummer Gaddafi and a group of military officers sized power and did away with the monarchy. Although it was a bloodless coup, Idris was sentenced to death in his absence anyway, as is the wont of the Muslim religion of peace. Shortly after the coup, Gaddafi assumed complete power in Libya.

I do not intend to go into all the machinations, all the gory details, all the barbaric decisions made by Gaddafi during his time in power in Libya. But let us not forget he was responsible for Lockerbie, the aircraft bombing that killed hundreds of Americans and others, he was responsible for the Berlin nightclub bombing that was planned in Libya and succeeded in killing and wounding over 200 Americans and Germans there, he was responsible for setting up terrorist training camps in Libya that resulted in those terrorists killing hundreds of people around the world, he was responsible for numerous other terrorists attacks and was the first of the Islamist maniacs that attempted to create his own nuclear weapons. Gaddafi was a murderous pervert who surrounded himself with very young girls and very young boys as well. The world would shed few tears over Gaddafi’s demise.

However by the turn of the century, Gaddafi had been tamed to a certain extent. In 1986 Reagan had responded to Gaddafi’s Berlin bombing by conducting a series of air strikes against terrorist centers and military bases with F-111 and A- 6 aircraft.

Contrast Regan’s actions with Obama’s and Hillary’s lack of response to an attack on Americans and American diplomatic property at Benghazi, Americans had died, they did nothing.
President Reagan didn’t seem to care about violating Libyan air space in defense of Americans and to teach a psychopath that you don’t mess with America or there will be serious consequences. Gaddafi paid a price. By1999 Gaddafi had learned his lesson; he closed all the terrorist training camps in Libya.

By 2003 Gaddafi announced he was going to surrender all of his nuclear materials. Why? Well, that decision was very probably a byproduct of U. S. military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. I do not think that five days after we captured Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi then announced he was surrendering his nuclear materials and getting out of the nuclear weapons business was just a coincidence. By the way that is usually the result of what happens when a strong country doesn’t roll over for tyrants. I guess Obama never learned that lesson as a young man in the Muslim schools of Indonesia

Gaddafi in the years following the turn of the century had quietly paid off his IMF debt; he had invested in infrastructure like irrigation systems and had accumulated over 110 tons of gold. Libya was the only Arab nation that was a net exporter of food and the only Arab nation with no IMF debt. That doesn’t mean Gaddafi wasn’t a lousy pervert and tyrant, but he was doing some positive things in Libya. I believe he now understood the U. S. would continue to punish him if he persisted in promoting terrorism; we used to do that.

In 2012 Gaddafi was still in power and despite his Islamist history, he was hated by the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda affiliates in Libya. Why, because Gaddafi was going to be the ONLY tyrant in Libya and he avidly persecuted those organizations.

But here comes Hillary; she knew she badly required something, anything to flesh out her term as Secretary of State. Prior to the Libyan fiasco she had virtually nothing of any importance on that record. She already knew she would be the Democrat nominee for president in 2016 and was panicking about the irrelevance of her term at the State Department (at that time no one knew about her e-mail lies and deceptions).

Now all of a sudden the White House and the Europeans, pushed by Hillary Clinton decided Gaddafi must be removed from power because he was a thorn in the middle of the new political atmosphere, you remember the “Arab Spring Delusion.” Democracy was finally breaking out in the Middle East and Gaddafi was defiantly not a democrat, of course neither was Assad, the Brotherhood, al-Qaeda or any of the other Islamist Jihadi types there, but hey let’s not confuse Obama, Hillary or the Europeans with reality.

Our then Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton saw an opportunity to finally do something significant. She wanted to be the prime mover in the Libyan effort, to have something, anything to brag about on her resume at last and although that meant doing so under Obama’s “leading from behind” nonsense, Hillary jumped right into this coming disaster.
Hillary and Obama thought a strategy of duping the Muslim world into believing the U.S. would support taking down the old regimes (the Arab Spring) would work for them. It would appear they would be on the side of “change and progress.” After all Democracy was now in bloom all over the Arab world wasn’t it? Hillary must have thought Gaddafi was an easy target, so why not lead the effort to oust that bastard and get some creds on her record as “the women liberator of Libya” for her presidential campaign.

What these two didn’t understand or care about was that their ill thought out “Leading from Behind” nonsense would lead to the destabilization of Libya, and the rise of radical Islamists groups who now control that miserable country, making the world a more dangerous place.

After Gaddafi was captured, publicly sodomized and murdered, Hillary made this nasty, bragging statement, “we came, we saw, he died.” Those obscene words say far more about who Hillary is; she is a woman who cares not what she says if she believes it makes her appear cute and important.

So how has Obama and Hillary handled the problem they created in Libya? Example: What was the U. S. attitude toward Islamic terror under Obama after Benghazi? It was pretty much submission. Unlike President Reagan’s decisions, it seems he sure didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings in Libya during or after the Benghazi attack and never has.

After the Benghazi Disaster Obama made this pledge, “I will work with the Libyan government to bring justice to the killers of our American people.”

To this day Obama has arrested only one Benghazi terrorist, and that took him years to accomplish. Obama wasn’t really that interested, I mean he had a lot of golf to play. He has not punished or arrested any of the many other terrorists who attacked and killed our Ambassador and four other Americans. Many of those terrorists are known to have lived in Benghazi for long periods of time after the attack. Some of them gave interviews to news reporters in Benghazi boasting of the parts they played.

Why no retaliation for these murderers? We seem to have forgotten how a strong country punishes its enemy’s. Please tell us again Obama how you are “going to work with the Libyan government to bring justice to the killers who attacked our people.” If we hadn’t already figured it out, that tells us that Obama’s pledges are worth nothing, just more bloviating from the “Lying King.” Of course Hillary didn’t care enough to even tell her usual lies about what she would do to punish the killers of our people. “At this point what does it matter.”

Two weeks after the attack a terrorist named “Ali Harzi”; identified as a player in the attack that killed our people, was still in Benghazi talking to news reporters. Harzi then fled to Turkey. Harzi is a Tunisian and although arrested In Turkey, he was sent by the Turks back to Tunisia. Of course we now know Obama didn’t put any pressure on the Turks to hand over Harzi prior to his release to Tunisia. Oh by the way, the Tunisian government promptly released Harzi who then disappeared.

Another terrorist at the attack, identified was “Ahmed Abu Khatala”, a known Islamist militant also wandering around free in Benghazi about two weeks after the attack. This was the terrorist Obama finally had arrested years after the attack. He was given his Miranda rights and is still awaiting trial in a U.S. civilian. Court. Our new Attorney General Lynch and her DOJ have decided not to authorize the death penalty for this Islamist murderer. Now isn’t that just precious?

After years of waffling, it should now be clear Obama and Hillary are not going to do a dammed thing to bring to Justice any other Jihadist who murderer our people, despite repeated pledges to the American people that they would do so; more disinformation, misinformation, half-truths and dammed lies from this sinister pair.

Now let us get into more of the disgusting and cowardly ways Obama has violated his pledges to “work with the Libyan government to bring justice to the killers who attacked our people.” Special Operations people are on record as saying that while Benghazi terrorists had been identified for many months, the White House could “never pull the trigger.” According to multiple sources, one frustrated Special Forces leader “literally yelled” at former Libyan Chief of Mission, William Roebuck and told him, “So you’re willing to let these guys get away with murder?” Sources said that the outburst was met “with silence only interrupted by the crickets.”

Senator Lindsey Graham has told CBS news that his office heard from frustrated officials within military Special Forces and intelligence committees who say they had good leads on the whereabouts of suspects, but couldn’t get approval from Obama or Hillary to take any action.

Obama’s latest words on the subject were, “My biggest priority now is bringing those folks to justice, I think the American people have seen that’s a commitment I intend to keep.” Unfortunately, the first one Obama and Hillary brought to “Justice” was the poor bastard who made the video that Obama, Hillary and Rice pinned the attack on with their continuous lies. That bewildered man was arrested and jailed on an “unrelated charge” right after the attack; I mean they had to be shown taking tough action on someone, but it was just a feeble attempt to cover their asses.
We again go into a country in the Middle East turn over a government that certainly was tyrannical, but who posed no danger to us or the world and replace it with what, a collection of radical Islamists who pose a danger to the world, who hate the West and especially America, (their great Satan); incompetence or agenda?

So what has Obama the Messiah and Hillary his handmaiden accomplished with their adventure in Libya? Well because of Obama, the smartest man in America, I mean that’s what our media was calling him in 2009 and Hillary the smartest women in American I mean just ask anyone on MSNBC; the West and Libya must now be far more secure, the Islamic terrorists must be far worse off, is that right Obama, is that right Hillary? I don’t think so.

Libya is a failed state that has broken down into regional areas controlled by various radical Islamists and terrorist warlords. Flash message to the American lame stream media. The fantasy of the “Arab Spring” that you, Obama and Hillary were so delighted with has become an “Arab Nightmare” for everyone except those who want Jihad and Islamist victories in that area. So Obama -Hillary you both have failed in yet another area of the world. Are we ever going to receive any truth about the Middle East and what Obama -Hillary has wrought there from our corrupt media? Please put on a laugh track.

But think about it. Why Libya, there was no upside for us in Libya. Gaddafi was not threating anyone but al-Qaeda and other radical Islamists in Libya. If we were going to assist in removing a Middle Eastern government, it was a no brainer it should have been Iran’s proxy, Syria under Assad; the huge upside for our country was in Syria. A new moderate government taking power there would have been a staggering success for the west. Iran’s power base would be weaker with Assad’s Alawite (Shia) government gone. Hezbollah, the terrorist organization who has killed more Americans except perhaps al-Qaeda would be weaker in Lebanon without a Shia government in Syria. There would not have been the potential of a continuous Shia crescent of countries from Iran to Syria. There was tremendous geo-political upside for us in removing Assad from Power in Syria.

But Obama wasn’t interested in Syria, well that was until he started his threats about “you better not cross my red line.” As we now know, Putin and Assad must have sat around with an adult beverage and cracked up over that one. Obama’s geo-political ignorance is amazing. Or is it an agenda?

Libya compared to Syria. What a mistake. If dictators killing their people were the cassias belli, Assad has killed far more people that Gaddafi. Assad has killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians who want him brought down and is still killing more. Syria has now turned into a cauldron of Shira law Islamists terror. Syria is in a much more strategic area of the world than Libya was. The geo-political consequences of what has taken place in Syria may turn out to be catastrophic

Do we need to go into all the bull spit and lies Obama has given us on Syria? “Oh that’s right, now I recall Obama liked Assad. In 2011, Hillary gave a speech as the Secretary of State and told us “Assad is a reformer” just more nonsense and lies from that flawed women. Of course after about two days of outrage about her comments she said, “That wasn’t my opinion it was the opinion of congress.” Now I get it. So that’s how Obama figured out his many messages to Assad about “don’t cross my red lines” weren’t from him, he didn’t say that, it was the worlds message. How can these frauds stand to look at themselves in the mirror in the morning?

Libya is a mess. Obama and Hillary are responsible for much of that mess, but we are now hands off there. Obama did not allow American Special Forces to go there and retaliate for the murder of Americans and the destruction of American diplomatic property. Those troops excel in that mission too bad we don’t have a Commander in Chief with the desire to protect America.
The Obama administration has advertised that millions of dollars in reward money is available for those who may provide information on Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.
As of now, Obama has not authorized one single dollar of reward money for information on the terrorists who attacked and killed our Ambassador and the other Americans in Benghazi. Why?
Obama’s failed international decisions cannot be just coincidence; no one can be that incompetent. God help us if we replace Obama with Hillary, as she has demonstrated time and time again she is either clueless or far too engaged in leveraging money for the Clinton Crime Family to care much about international dangers to our country. (See Benghazi)

If all of Obama’s mistaken Middle Eastern geo-political decisions, starting from Egypt, on were still in place, we would have the whole North African littoral a snake’s nest of Sharia law Islamist Jihadist countries, with many more of their people lining up to strap bombs on themselves in order to kill infidels for the greater glory of Allah, then go on a quick trip to shake hands with Mohammed before getting in bed with those seventy or so virgins (now, that’s what I call ambitious).

Thanks Obama, as I once said, your Middle East policies are working out about as well as your economic policies. Well maybe that is the way they are supposed to.


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