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Tucker Carlson is done suffering fools when it comes to the Trump-Russia/Obama-Spying debate.

The brilliant Fox News host spent about 15 minutes Monday night challenging anyone – politician, media member, anyone – to providing evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. He then argued that while no evidence of collusion exists, there is plenty of evidence of the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign and transition teams. Even worse, while there is no evidence for one and plenty of evidence for the other… the media is covering the less important story.

“Let’s drop the silly euphamisms. Monitoring the communications of your political opponents, and then trampling measures designed to protect their identities, isn’t ‘incidental collection’ and it isn’t regular above-the-board behavior, it is spying. IT probably wasn’t illegal, in fact, U.S. law gives tremendous latitude to intelligence agencies to surveil Americans, as well as to the White House where officials there claim they need to see this information and pass it along to other parts of government. That’s supposed to reassure all of us, but it shouldn’t because our laws currently provide no protection for U.S. citizens from being spied upon for political reasons by their own government. And worse, it acually happens, it just happened. That is the scandal here.”

In a debate with a former Obama advisor he continued pressing the same themes.

“What is the actual evidence that Russia hacked the election? Why can’t anyone share the underlying proof?…

I care enough to ask real questions because I have learned in 30 years here don’t take it on faith, get the facts. And I am waiting for a single fact, just one, from any of these fabled 17 intelligence agencies. How about Coast Guard intelligence? They’re one of the agencies you’re referring to. Maybe they can come on this show and give me just on scintilla of evidence that the Russian government, not some Russians but the Russian government, Vladimir Putin, broke into John Podesta’s emails with the purpose of making Donald Trump president,” Carlson argued.

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