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Fox News’ Pete Hegseth has a very good point.

For months Mika Brzezinski has been calling President Trump various versions of the word insane, and suggesting that he needs psychological help… and soon. After at least several dozen of these attacks, President Trump finally responds with this unwise tweets:

Oy vey!

The President should have just ignored the obviously biased left wing hacks at MSNBC… but he didn’t, and now instead of pointing out how often Brzezinski mocks and derides the President, the media is focused on Trump’s mean response.

Over at Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Pete Hegseth sided with the President (not his tweet, but his anger) and blasted MSNBC for the unending stream of hatred that pours out from their network.

“If you spend 10 seconds watching [MSNBC’s Morning Joe], you’re going to see factless insults. It’s unhinged. Blinded by Trump-hatred. They’re happy to use him for ratings before the election. And then once he changes or they don’t like what he does, they turn on him like a petulant child and insult, insult, insult. And then they wonder why the world’s best counter-puncher says, “You know what, it’s about time I punch back.”

Hegseth’s co-host Ainsley Earhardt agreed with his analysis:

“Yeah, well, you’re exactly right. That’s what [White House deputy press secretary] Sarah Huckabee Sanders was saying. I personally would have ignored it. I think it’s probably wise to ignore all of that. But, she did make a good point. She said as president of the United States, he’s a fighter. That’s what he does. We know this about him. We know this is his personality. He’s going to fight back if someone goes against him. You have Mika [Brzezinski] saying he’s a narcissist, he’s mentally ill. You do have to respect our leaders and do you have to respect the president of the united States.”

The pertinent part of the video starts about 8:20 into the video:

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