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The most murderous regime during World War II was Communist Russia under Joseph Stalin. The number of people butchered during WWII behind the Iron Curtain is estimated between 20 and 60 million people making the claim of 6 million Jews by the Germans seem ridiculously small in comparison and yet not a single day of my life has gone by without hearing about how awful the Germans are and how angelic the Jews are. Given that the communist revolution in Russia was led by the Jews I guess that makes sense in a twisted justice kinda way.

On July 22nd, 2016 a lone gunman targeted children for execution in a German shopping mall. Without any real evidence as to who the shooter might be, FOX News started blaming a mythical right-wing white guy. In fact to hear Sheppard Smith say it, Neo-Nazis left over from WWII were at fault. He came to this conclusion because of the kind of boots the perpetrator had been wearing according to some eyewitness. Smith went on a non-stop tirade about some growing fringe element playing up to the narrative that there was just something wrong with the German people as a whole and that any resistance to the destruction of Germany via incoming hordes of “refugees” was simply Germany’s supremacist core nature. And people wonder how Germany got itself into this mess and why they don’t put a stop to it?

Blame the white guy. This has been the battle cry of every television news organization in America. George Zimmerman? White guy. Michael Brown not a criminal. Killed by a white guy. And why the hell not? It isn’t as if their advertisers don’t flash open wallets the minute they do. Blaming white guys is good for business. And even after they identified the shooter as some Jihadist from Iran they made sure to tell you that he was German-Iranian (duel citizenship) just to keep the white guy in the subconscious mix. FOX News, your conservative news source.

Of course since FOX News picked up on the white guy narrative and is clearly a neo-Nazi right-wing conspiracy network every other television news agency assumed it must be true and also ran with that story. Or was it really some kind of conspiracy that took advantage of an opportunity to paint Whites and especially Germans as devils?

During World War One, the Allies told their soldiers and their people that Germans would throw babies into the air, catch them on their bayonets, and eat them. The Jews were tossing around the 6 million number even before World War One. In fact the story about gassing came out of WWI and the research I have done on the great wars, which has been quite extensive, suggests that the Germans would have had a difficult time killing anyone with the pesticide Zyclon B.

It doesn’t seem like much has changed for Germany in more than 100 years and it looks like the narrative of always blaming the white guy even after there is no white involvement in a crime like in the Martin/Zimmerman case isn’t going away anytime soon.


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