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I’m sure CNN won’t lose any sleep over this, because it simply confirms to them that they are on the right track.

But for more skeptical ears it sure sounds like former Russian Ambassador Kislyak is being honest when he chides CNN for constantly making up nonsense about Trump and the Russians.

CNN REPORTER: What about this allegation that you’re a spy master, a spy recruiter?

FMR. AMB. KISLYAK: Nonsense. Nonsense.

REPORTER: Did you recruit any members of the Trump Administration.

KISLYAK: You should be ashamed, because CNN is the company that keeps on pointing to this allegation. It’s nonsense.

REPORTER: But it’s U.S. security officials, intelligence officials that made it, of course.

KISLYAK: I have heard the statements by them, also by former head of the FBI who said that I was a diplomat. I have no reasons to doubt that he knew what he said.

What do you think?

Should CNN be embarrassed about the stories they’re running against Trump?

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