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Let me start by saying I grew up Amish, which is a religious group that discouraged voting. I think you would have gotten shunned by the leaders for registering to vote in the Swartzentruber Amish, one of the strictest Amish groups. But I left the Amish for the 3rd and final time at the age of 18. At that point, I could vote in the Bush election and the reelection of 2004. In 2004, I actually went door to door handing out papers in Wooster, Ohio to get people to vote for Bush’s reelection and other Republicans running for office. I remember one Wooster resident saying they did not support Bush, so I told them that the papers were not just about him, so they accepted them.

As time passed and the kids got older, and the war was still dragging on, I discovered Ron Paul. In 2008 I ended up writing him in, and again in 2012. I even got to meet Dr. Paul in Nashville TN a year or so later. But at this point, after the 2012 election that was stolen from Paul, I had become an Anarchist.

A lot of people hate when I mention that word because they do not understand it. It simply means “no rulers.” We should not be controlled by an entity that claims to “represent” us, all while harming us. I also got to meet a new friend, the author of FREEDOM!. I have kept in contact with Mr. Kokesh over the last few month, but even before I met him, I knew I was not voting for anyone in 2016. I will, however, be voting for my new friend in 2020, so he can shut the government down.

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