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Democrats are standing in obstruction to confirming CIA Chief Mike Pompeo as Trump’s new Secretary of State even after the two have forced North Korea’s socialist dictator to make overtures to come to the negotiating table.  Democrats are all atwitter and in fear of Kim’s nuclear missiles, but Donald Trump recognizes the difference between a world leader and a petty thug and how to deal with them.

For decades Democrats and RINOs have acted in fear of North Korea as if they had power over them.  Before they had nukes they had massive artillery aimed at Seoul, and the Norks have always behaved like a thug child who believes having a gun qualifies them as powerful enough to demand a seat at the big boy’s table.  Kim doesn’t understand how puny he is when everyone else has more and bigger guns, which, when Trump quipped about it, sent the Left into a tizzy.  North Korea has been at war with South Korea and the United States for the last 68 years even though no one has been threatening them.  They have murdered numerous South Koreans and Americans during that time, even sank a South Korea warship, and yet have only been countered with are stern words.  China has stood in the way of forcing North Korea to peace by keeping their rabid client state under their wing.  But now that client has become more a danger to them than they are a threat to South Korea, Japan, or the United States.  The socialist dictator who Democrats would like to model their government after has been nothing but a petty thug threatening his neighbors to force them to provide for him what he will not work toward himself – a peaceful and prosperous North Korea.  In seventy years by working with rather than against the United States, South Korea has become one of the premier capitalist economies in the world with a prosperous people.  While the North has become a desolate waste unable to feed her own enslaved people supporting the massive thugocracy of their socialist dictator.

Now President Donald Trump has done what no American president has been able to accomplish in seven decades.  He has formed an alliance with China to choke off the Norks to force them to the negotiating table.  Kim has already offered to make peace with the South and may understand that his survival will not rely on keeping nukes to fend off a fantasy invasion, but in surrendering his nukes to obtain financial aid for his beleaguered country.  He can either continue to be the boy threatening to shoot the big men around him, or grow up and join hands with them to save his country.  This would be a foreign policy defeat for the Democrats so massive that they cannot allow it to happen.  They would rather Trump be assassinated than that peace be brought about by his hand.  Democrats are taking every action against America from sabotaging laws, distracting people from the depredations of socialism (especially Islam), lying about Russia working with Trump, striving to keep the economy down and taxes up, and enlisting criminals and foreign invaders to commit massive voter fraud to regain their power to rule over America.  Let Trump triumph and their blue wave will be swallowed by a red sea.  This is not just a time of hope, but a time of the greatest danger.  Like Kim, who now has the option to either put down his gun by denuclearizing or pulling the trigger to either conquer the world or die gloriously, Democrats have the leftist mentality that if they can’t have it then no one can.

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