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If there is a consistent science behind the action there is no paradox that cannot be resolved.

There is a dangerous alternative to Trump’s actions which seem paradoxically like treason to his own beliefs, so I propose examining this alternative.

1: Given that the globalists want to control the world through debt and that patriots want to empower the people within the nation. and

2: Given that the globalists have more power around the world, because of the dependence on debt by all the nations of the world, then

3: What alternative to globalism is being developed by Trump? The scary answer is an alliance of force by independent nations and a dismissal of money as a joining force.

Let me give you the implications of such a theory (and it is a theory, based only on the previous consistency of Trump). If he is doing things according to this theory he is creating the only possible alternative to globalism. He is making each nation decide their own future and either joining sides (allying with the US and its values) or fighting US values to try to advance their own agenda and their own values.

Ideologically, what this implies is that he is making each nation choose sides ideologically. This is something that no nation has done before. You (nations) will either join US ideology, or you will reject it. Other nations will trade with you despite your ideology or they will not, but if you use force against us or our allies, it will be met with force.

If such is the case, it is the highest stakes poker game that has ever been played in the world, and the game is literally for all the marbles — freedom or obliteration. Trump is making all the nations and all the people put their money where their mouth is and actually risk the existence of humanity.

To argue that Kennedy played a higher stakes game with Def Con 2 are wrong. Today, the world can be set back 100 years with one thermonuclear blast that the USSR could not have imagined 50 years ago. One EMP would take us back to the times before the steam engine, and 10 thermonuclear blasts, the bare minimum that will happen in a thermonuclear war, would make all life on the planet cease to exist for more than 50 years, and what would come back would be at the level of amoebas and protozoa. Kennedy was one on one belligerence with the only other known superpower. Now, even NK is a thermonuclear “superpower.” Not even 1/100 of the same scenario.

Freedom or slavery. Risk your life. Your money is now worth nothing, by contrast.

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