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The Democrats think they have a winning issue in abortion, and they may if the Republicans try to handle it in a heavy-handed, “We won, you lost” “Winner-take-all,” way, i.e. “We are in power you are not so go scratch…”

Like it or not, we live in a political world which includes a lot of people with other ideas that we have to “rub shoulders” with.  You and I may believe a zygote, fertilized egg cell, is a person, but it is not until it is “viable,” legally or actually, meaning capable of living outside the mother’s body.  We can argue all day about whether, or not, this embryo is a person with a soul as that is yet undefined in law.

The argument, “It would be a person if it were left alone and nature were allowed to take the natural course,” is the best anti-abortion argument that most people accept, but the fact remains if the fetus is removed it at that point it is not a person.  This is the key to getting what many of us want in this issue.  It is all strategy.

Much depends on the arguments in the Roe vs Wade case that is sure to come to the Supreme Court.  It will be emotional as a lady can buy a pregnancy test kit for few Dollars and determine within the first month whether or not she is pregnant. This means if we were to have a law that abortions were allowed in the first 60 days well before a viable fetus is formed, an abortion would be less objectionable.

There is really no excuse for a woman to become pregnant if she does not want to. Most young women in this time take “The Pill” so they can participate in sex if they find an acceptable candidate.  Where condoms and diaphragms are widely available there is no excuse for “an accident.”

Late term abortions set most Americans teeth on edge.  In far too many cases we have heard of late term aborted babies organs sold! This offends everyone but those who wear stethoscopes for necklaces or run Planned Parenthood abortion mills as they make tons of money selling baby parts.  Nobody defends this practice but the Attorney General of California, ever-grinning Xavier Beccera who is now prosecuting two filmmakers for exposing these crimes.

Beccera’s action has to backfire on the State of California bigtime.  With some help from donors the young men accused will have a multi-million Dollar malicious prosecution action.  Beceera must have taken lessons from Bob Mueller as he has cost the Federal Government well over $100 million in such inappropriate actions.

In the land of politics you rarely win completely.  Winning is a stepped process, never a total victory.  Let us settle for a limit on abortions of 60 days as there is no excuse for a woman waiting any longer.  She can always put the infant up for adoption as we have thousands of American couples who are desperate for children and go as far as Russia or Africa to obtain babies they can adopt.

For the case of nurture over nature I have known families that adopted children who like natural born children showed the quirk of nature where boys take after the mother’s side and the girls after the father’s side.  I saw it repeatedly as a teacher and it was true in my own family for the one child an uncle adopted. You could not tell him from the natural kids!  We have thousands of couples who want to be parents and we need more people who have been raised by such loving parents.

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