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The concern over voter fraud and the honesty and integrity of the national voting system has been called into question by every candidate for POTUS this election cycle. The left is screaming that the minority vote will be suppressed because state’s  that have exercised their 9th  and 10th Amendment rights as defined by the Constitution say that they are violating the 15th Amendment in doing so.

With amount of electronic involvement in voting and the inability of the federal govt. to secure and defend the cyber security of the federal data bases they have, in their infinite wisdom, called for federalization of the voting process to make it more secure. This is the same group that had 22.1 MILLION employees, vendors and applicants to the federal govt. recently stolen by un-identified individuals. Of course the Russians were blamed immediately, then the Chinese.

It is disconcerting that  in the nation where the computer was invented and the internet was invented (not by Al Gore) and most programming languages were created that it cannot or will not determine who is responsible. So their idea is to centralize the voting to a single national system, which in their minds would be far less vulnerable than 50 singular systems that report their individual voter results. And those 50 are also broken down by county and each county may use one of several voting systems to record the vote. Many use a ballot scanner which reads the paper ballot and then records the vote. I am a fan of this method because it leaves a paper trail with every single cast ballot cast. You have the physical copy of that individuals cast votes to verify the system recorded it properly and if not can then input that vote to correct the tally and ensure each American citizen who did exercise their right to vote was honestly assessed and recorded for the candidate they voted for.

As a former asst. clerk and clerk for the past 8 years in my county of residence, I have taken a great deal of pride choosing to be involved in the process at a level that ensured that no one who was entitled to vote was denied that vote and that those who were of questionable legality were handled accordingly by rules governing their cast vote.

But the problem exists, in 2012 not a single vote was cast in the city of Philadelphia for Mitt Romney. That’s 19605 votes cast and all were for Obama.  By the way Philly there were 1,099,197 voters registered to vote then and that is the entire turnout that felt it necessary to exercise their civic duty. For the city that gave birth to our Republic a .17% voter turnout is beyond shameful.  Maybe it was because the Black Panthers were blocking the polling places again.

Now as a Physicist and engineer I have studied and calculated both long chain and long chain lateral mathematical equations and even using the Markov Chain you cannot mathematically determine that at least 1 vote would not have been cast for Mitt Romney. As Mr. Spock would say it does not compute.

We have a problem Houston and that is our voting system is corrupted and dishonest and the individuals in charge will never correct the problem without reciprocity. The threat of jail does not dissuade these individuals from committing voter fraud. Those individuals are either denied or celebrated.

So how do we fix this now and not throw out the baby with the bath water. It’s really kind of simple: the punishment must have a meaningful effect on the individual and or party that  is benefiting from the criminal action since very little if any criminal prosecution occurs when voter fraud is committed.

Punish those that benefit: If any vote is questioned and then determined to be fraudulent the beneficial party or individuals to whom the illegal votes were cast losses 5 votes.

When voter fraud occurs the results are never adjusted removing the fraudulent votes until it is either too late or the re-tally would not affect the outcome as has been restated on hundreds if not thousands of times. The re-tallying of votes and their verification occurs anyway and would not duly delay the FINAL RESULTS. And it would now place the responsibility on those that have the most to lose should fraudulent votes be cast. It would require every candidate and both major parties to be more directly involved in vetting voter rolls and removing ineligible voters or suffer from your own criminality. If 20,000 illegal votes were cast then the corresponding punishment would be 100,000 votes lost to every candidate who received them.

I think that might just make a few sphincters pucker hard enough that the nation might hear the sigh of air movement, don’t you!

In Liberty,

Dr. Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D.

Chmn. Conservative Party of Florida

National Party Pres.


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