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A warm smile and a friendly hello will shatter much negativity. Let us begin the new year with a renewed sense of pride in our community; a new beginning for a world that has been filled with hate and violence, not only here at home, but across the Nation.

God has given us free will; use it wisely. This Nation has always been proud of its’ accomplishments. Our Government was very wisely set up for a lasting existence. Involvement in our community and our Country will continue this.

We have new leadership now, locally and Nationally. I pray to God that we can all embrace the change, and let our Legislature in Washington D.C., respond to the will of the people.

The right to vote, and the right of free speech, must be our tools to make it so. We must insist our leaders adhere to these unalienable rights. And we do this with involvement in our public community. Not with violence, not with protesting for the rights that only pertain to us as individuals; but in accepting that we are a very diversified Nation, and many diversified values exist herein. We must respect our neighbors rights, don’t force our opinion on others, and accept what is deemed so by our leaders to be for all, not just any one segment. “…all lives matter…”.

God-willing we can all move forward with hope, with dignity, and with forgiveness; with a  renewed dedication to a world of peace, of acceptance, and brotherhood. We must always remember that a smile is the sunshine on a rainy day; and a warm hello is the assurance of friendship and brotherly love.

Start this new year remembering these words, “… step for man, one giant leap for mankind…..”. Let each thought and movement be for this reason.

Have a happy and healthy new year folks!!

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