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There is strategy and then there is gutter-strategy as practiced by the LEFT.

Jellyfish, Jim Comey. 

With slippery Jim Comey we have the supreme opportunist. Note: Comey is very careful not to say anything bad regarding Hillary. Does the “murder-happy” Clinton-Cartel have anything on him, or has Comey’s family been threatened?  Or is it simply as we have seen before, whichever the way the winds blow, there he is.

Always hard to watch a political player with no moral compass to anchor themselves, over-reaching to make self self right, while making others wrong.  Could it be he actually believes his trash?  I don’t think this time, he is fooling America.

How do we know he definitely belongs in the gutter? How many times in the last two days has Comey (unnecessarily) repeated the salacious UNVERIFIED details of the Steel Dossier.  This is “gutter-strategy”

Sadly, Comey has no higher loyalty to American-First leadership and has proved he is a stranger to truth.  Enmeshed in political lies, with no fundamental principles to anchor him, once again his perception has been compromised.   Is he bringing out his trashy book because somebody is telling him there is a rising blue wave?


Enter a new player in the LEGAL game.  Rudy Guiliani will win the day. He, like Trump has a moral compass, and all of the other players in this gutter-game have their moral compasses significantly tarnished.  With Rudy I am confident WTP (We the people)  can expect good justice.

We deserve the good justice that could save America


Porn-star Stormy Daniels.

This pudgy-faced whore has even less moral compass than Comey (if that were possible) She does sex for money. When Cohen took it upon himself to remove her from public attention he was doing America a service. he deserves a medal not having his quarters raided as could happen in any bully-banana republic where there is no value placed on legal trust.


Crooked- Hillary

She is done politically, bit the dust when the voting public began to see her as weak. Sadly her influence is not over, as she & Bill fight to stay out of prison. Over the years in politics they built up a formidable swamp network.

She has been exposed, she and the gutter pedophile, womanizer she married.

However we have to know that the game has moved from politics to LEGAL.  Just as they think they have it all sewn up again, oh yes, they depend on the legal maestro Mueller, who in his historical corruption has always supported them, to deliver impeachment.


They think they have it all sewn up. All their dirty players are in place, hypercritical and duplicitous supporter Rosenstein is top of the stack.
Sorry guys America is not ready to sink into the gutter. Keep watching, trust our President for the Donald likes to win.  Has he done it again?

As the Justice Department under trustworthy Jeff Sessions begins to open up a new investigation into Cricked Hillary’s  emails and also into the Clinton Foundation WTP keep our fingers crossed that this time round THEY ARE GOING TO LOCK HER UP  and to disband the diabolical influence of the “Clinton Cartel”  As Morgan Freeman so aptly says, “Only when they lock her up, will America regain true justice.”


Final question, who is the real big player hiding behind the “colored curtain” pulling all the puppet strings including Obama?



Corey Booker challenged Trump’s choice for Secretary of State because of his sincere religious affiliation. Like this is a crime? This kind of LEFT thinking is straight out of the big-brother Marxist play book “Saul Allinsky”

(Note: Corey Booker recieved more funding from the “generous” democratic donor than any other candidate. (Source Open Secrets – follow the money)

We have a tradition in America being knocked out by the far LEFT that supports religious freedom.  The corrupt LEFT cannot have this.  In order to take down America and  implement the open borders New World Order, WTP (We the people) are being told we need to give up guns and religion and our constitution.

This is a spiritual administration. Mike Pence said four words they value more than any other, and these are ” We are praying for you!”

So pray for Donald Trump and his fine team.

This one is in God’s hands.

In the flabby global Soros we have collusion and election interference supreme, and guess what, with Obama’s help WTP HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR IT WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS. This slimy toad reigns supreme in the swamp. He got rich not by producing products but by gaming the investment system. We still have to fix that up. America is finally waking up. Is it any wonder that these terrified swamp dwellers are coming down so hard on President Trump. Judge a man by his products. Shame on those who continue to criticize a President who is making it go right.

Time and time we hear from the LEFT that Trump is a threat to our democracy. This is false narratives.

Pray for our president and pray for America. Never underestimate the power of collective prayer.

America’s crisis is a moral one. America (and the world) is looking to find its moral compass.


America’s Third Crisis
Since its founding, America has faced three crises, the first was when we won our independence from the tyranny of a British King who was denying representative government.

The second, the Civil War was designed to divide North from South and challenged slavery. It was also this war that should have put an end to racism and may have until inverse racism began to be exploited politically.

The founding fathers envisioned a limited Federal Government with explicit and restricted responsibilities. The role of government was to protect the security of the nation and to keep the domestic peace and safety. With a rot in Federal education, most citizens no longer understand the meaning of “Conservative” or “Republic” or “Progressive” or “Liberal” or “Socialist”. There is also a big confusion between “human rights” and “natural rights”. Natural rights are God-given, the right of every citizen to equal opportunity under law and the protection of person and property.

Note well: a citizen’s standard of living is not protected under the American constitution. Each citizen is expected to go out and learn a trade and go to work for self, family and the country.

Our democratic process was designed to resolve BIG ideological differences. It has kept us away from civil war. It will do it again as long as we are not subverted and divided by evil influences.  Against a backdrop of the traditional conflict between Republican and Progressive ideas we have new challenges to the American Liberty & Prosperity. There is growing circumstantial evidence of infiltration of the SOROS/Obama/Hillary and the Progressive movement by the Muslim Brotherhood – an orchestrated world movement to change our culture and bring the western world to its knees, under Sharia Law.

We see this in:

  • The Iran Deal (Kerry’s son in law is an Iranian doctor)
  • Why “Muslim Brother” Keith Ellingson is the “chosen” new leader of the Democratic Party.
  • Why Obama & Kerry failed to protect our ally Israel from censor by the Security Council at the U.N.


Historically the Arab nations have demonstrated poverty, inequality oppression and a lack of individual freedom and were no threat to America. THEN CAME OIL. THEN CAME 9/11. Then came a troubling flow of money into our educational institutions. Now on the international stage we have a resurgent Islam, dominated by ISIS and the sophisticated Muslim Brotherhood a movement that has grown since the “Arab Spring”.

The Trump camp (by observation) is clean and sees this danger clearly but (again by observation) it seems Brotherhood tentacles have penetrated the Democrats who refuse the connection between Muslim & Islam.  Obama refuses to use the words “Radical Islam.”

The degree of turmoil in America at this time is a clear indication that there have been efforts to subvert us.

Also a danger to America is INTERNATIONAL MARXISM. Obama was featured on the cover of the official magazine for International Socialism.
In the planned subversive actions of the SOROS Foundations, we see enemy action. MoveON Soros/paid agitators at Trump rallies are not trying to build up America. These are criminal, enemy actions.  We are witnessing efforts to overwhelm us with Middle Eastern refugees (their aggression fostered in the family and encouraged in the mosque). We see it In the conflicts, the violence and chaos that we are witnessing in our social order, and in the structures and cultures of the western nations of Europe.

Is the final goal to subvert, dominate and then exploit America?  Are there those intent on destroying our religions, our institutions, our constitution, and our families? Sadly Socialism, Marxism, & Communism are all highly attractive to the immoral and out of touch oligarchies who run the world.

Let’s put this all into perspective:
Technology opened the door to global trade. This lifted government up and out of the traditional American system of checks and balances. America still has the remnants of a good constitutional system, but it has been sorely compromised.

Technology gave rise to unchecked international banking monopolies, which is what is fueling the rising income inequality. Global Elites and GOP Party Elites (in the game for power) were forced back into a corner by the Trump movement. Why is this? Trump is surely no angel, but he is rich in his own right. What the Elites hate most about him is that he cannot be bought. In 2016 America was put off by all the rotten “bribe” money pouring into the Clinton coffers. Many of these donors make their money gaming a rigged system.

As Trump begins to govern, he has a great challnge. Until the Swamp is drained the corrupt will fight him all the way.

Main-stream Media owned by Oligarchies?
Somewhere along the line the Press got owned by the corrupt international oligarchies who began to dictate the narrative. Some Americans, getting their political data only from TV, have not yet realized the bias. Trump was forced to bypass the crooked media to get his message out to the American public. Sadly although elected, he is still doing this, for over the last eight years, Americans have not been educated on “Constitutional and/or Electoral Basics”.Add to this are the pernicious political lies from corrupt political candidates and consultants.   Call it liberal or progressive, or Crony Capitalism, Corrupt Banks, or GOP Establishment, the truth is it boils down to “authoritarian coercive might is right” vs “consent of the governed”. Trump stands for the latter, loud & clear.

Many not buying into the “Fake News” narrative.  Google and FaceBook have already evolved too far for coercive or restrictive censorship to win. There is a lot of love for Trump out there.


Illegal Immigrants
The eleven million illegals  already living in America are not a problem of Trump’s making, but he has shown willingness to get the problem fixed within the rule of law.

He is not against Latinos, any more than he is against women, against gays, against blacks or AGAINST anybody.  What he is saying is often taken out of context.

Relevant to the immigrant problem is immigrant welfare. Trump has a good fiscal compass. He knows a country as deeply in debt as we, cannot survive. Can we afford to carry this burden.

Trump stands for rule of law, for the constitution and for military strength and for PEACE. Proof of this is the fine spiritual people he has chosen on his team. There is no way the sincerely religious Mike Pence or Dr. Ben Carson would let him walk us into prolonged, imperial wars. However know that America has to stand strongly against weapons of mass destruction, or, for that matter, economic blackmail.

So what is the Syrian war really about

  • Efforts by Putin and China to shift away from petrodollars in international trade.
  • Effort to block Russia’s corridor for its oil exports to the Mediterranean Sea
  • Rothschild/Cheyney desire to find and exploit oil in the Golan Heights.
  • Rothschild desire to put a central bank into Iran and North Korea
  • Saudi Arabia desire to dominate the Middle East using American planes as its air cover.
  • Iran’s desire to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.  To achieve this Syria is again the desired corridor. Poor Syria, perpetually in the cross hairs.

We need a president who, like our founder George Washington, was aggressive in the degree to fight for what is right, but who has the moral restraint to create a true and lasting legacy.

Trump’s favorite past-president is Jackson.  Like Jackson Trump has the moral compass, the social relationships & strength to stand up to the global rich. So they hate him.


Examine these mind blowing facts and like Grandma, decide SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

Is this opposition to Trump really just an effort for the corrupt global banking and high-tech oligarchies to keep an unfair privilege? Follow the money.

What we have right now is a world system driven by the United Nations to impose a collective reality on the world.  When they talk about “threat to our democracy”  whet they mean is coercive rule by the majority.

Executive clout

What we mean by “America First” is our heritage, our constitution, human rights that protect minorities, consent of the governed, prosperity and liberty.

Our founders were brilliant and they gave us a proven system, worth fighting for.
Let us not sell out to a bunch of corrupt elites.

Quote for the Week

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams



 About the Author
Lynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) has published two books, “Politics IOU” and “Magic Money” both on Kindle.  The first is satirical about banking and the second, examines the conflict of our times, Globalism vs Patiotism. You can read more at fb Grandma Thunder – an Independent Voice or Blog/Grandma Thunder  or  Free Books by Grandma

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