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Since 1954, the Johnson Amendment, which was passed without floor or Committee debate, has silenced Conservative Churches. The Johnson Amendment prohibits non-profits and churches from engaging in any activity that might be interpreted as “political,” even if it’s a simple oral or written statement. In 2015 alone, at least 99 different churches were singled out by the IRS for violation of the Johnson Amendment. The mere threat of losing their tax-exempt status; thereby denying their donors charitable deductions; and being forced into bankruptcy; has intimidated and silenced our Pastors.

As a result, Churches, and only Conservative Churches, were prevented from speaking out on any “political” matter that affected their flocks.

But everything that affects us as a people is “political” – the structure of the family; marriage, gender; whether there is an unlimited right for abortion on demand, meaning a right for a mother to kill her baby any time she feels like it; whether we must fund Abortions; what our kids are to be taught in school; who we associate with; what we can say; whether we must bake a wedding cake for a gay couple; whether we must force our little girls to use a toilet with grown men; … all these issues are deemed “Political” and our pastors were not allowed to express any opinion and give us any guidance on them.

Combined with this is the Liberal invention of “separation of church and state.” There is no such requirement in the US Constitution. The Constitution prohibits the State from interfering with “the free exercise” of Religion and further states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” meaning Congress cannot impose a single Government religion on the people. (Insofar as Liberalism is a religion, that is exactly what the government is doing!) It does not say that every single Cross or the 10 Commandments must be removed from the public square. Nevertheless, Liberals, particularly the ACLU and the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, headed by a Muslim woman; have successfully sued small cities and schools and removed all traces of Christianity from the public square.

This muzzling of our churches has given enormous power to Liberals and resulted in the rotting of our culture. Now we have temples to Satan in many cities including New York. Beyonce openly states she calls upon Satan in the form of Sasha Fierce to enter into her when she performs.

Vulgar women paraded with their breasts exposed; wearing pussy costumes; dropping F bombs; and fighting for abortion on demand. Islamic Refugees are brought in at the whim of the Elites. Nobody is allowed to say that Islam is violently opposed to all Christian and Jews. Islamic Terrorists commit the most horrifying atrocities on people abroad and even in America; but Liberals excuse and even praise them.

For instance, in Twin Falls, Muslim refugees raped a special needs little five-year-old child. Every single person in authority participated in covering up this crime. The rapists had even made a video of their crime; but the liberal judge confiscated the video and hid it. The rapists were returned to the apartment building where they lived right next to the little kid. The victim’s family is subject to hostile acts and threatening calls from Muslim refugees. * And the little child is so traumatized, she wears 2 and 3 pieces of underwear and hides inside all day.*

Section 501(c) of the Tax Code spells out 29 separate categories of tax-exempt organizations. Non-Profits include your church, synagogue, or mosque; the local United Way; the local community foundation; major local universities such as Harvard; a local social service organization; the Sierra Club; the local private golf club; the National Football league; the New York Stock Exchange and a host of other organizations.

The largest category, and the one most people usually think of when they think of “nonprofit” or “tax exempt,” is Section 501(c)(3) “charitable” organizations, including religious, educational, and medical organizations. Most nonprofits fall under this category*…

Many of you don’t know it, but the charitable foundations owned by the tech billionaires, the Google Founders, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs’s wife Lauren and the Bill Gates Foundation are all are non-profits. Other Liberal Foundations like Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy gave Black Lives Matter $100 million and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation gave BLM $33 million. All of them are tax-free foundations too.

Section 501(c)(4) is for organizations benefiting social welfare and advocacy organizations like the Sierra Club or the American Civil Liberties Union These are also tax free.

Section 501(c)(5) includes agricultural or labor organizations;

Section 501(c)(6) includes business leagues, professional and trade associations, like the National Football League …*

All of these are tax-free and also free to espouse political positions and work to further Liberal causes.

Only Conservative Churches have been silenced: Though “Churches and non-Profits” were all prohibited from “political” activity; this rule has not been applied to black Democrat churches – which regularly hosted Democrat Presidential hopefuls like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton when they ran for election. This rule was only applied to Conservative Churches.

Unions were free to espouse Democrat causes: All of them non-profits, all Democrat, all giving nearly 100% of their donations, plus providing donations in kind, like canvassing, getting out the vote, etc to Democrats.

The Free Speech Fairness Act: Today, with a large number of pastors and priests attending, Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla. introduced the Free Speech Fairness Act in the Senate and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., sponsored the companion House bill. It will repeal the Johnson Amendment of the U.S. tax code.

Thank God for President Trump and our newly invigorated Congress!! Finally, our Pastors will be able to speak freely.



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