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The Progressives of the Democratic party are already plotting and scheming on how to block our American agenda.

They are sore losers who simply do not give up even when the American People make it clear in which direction they want to go especially if it’s different from their Socialistic schemes.  They cry compromise when their definition of compromise is do things their way or face obstruction and character assassination.  They use intimidation instead of reasoned arguments.  They lie, cheat, mislead, divide and do everything they can to deter responsible Americans from restoring sanity to our Government.  I don’t mean to exclude the Republican Progressives, however, their role is to go along with what the left wants.  They are in effect enablers, too afraid to take the side of those of us who care about our American founding and culture.

President elect Donald Trump has promised a series of measures that he will push for within the first 100 days of his administration.  Go here to see what those measures are. We must be brave and diligent to hold him to his word.  But that’s the easy part.

Restoration of our Constitutionally Conservative values is at stake.  We must fight harder than ever before to curtail the downward spiral that is taking away our national identity let alone our God given rights as human beings.

One of the things we can anticipate is an all out attack on the Electoral College.  If they succeed in bringing down this institution, the only people in this country who will have any influence on presidential elections will be the high population areas.  Who owns the high population centers?  The Democratic Party. If they are successful in removing the Electoral College, only they will benefit and conservatives will not have any say in who our future presidents will be.

You see the brilliance of the Founding Fathers in establishing the Electoral College was in anticipation of such a scenario that would disenfranchise smaller population areas.  It is a protection against tyranny and mob rule.  We would be left with a majority rule that would not be beneficial to the minority. The whole structure of our Constitutional Republic was set up to temper majority rule with the influence of the minority.  It would become mob rule and only those in power would benefit.  An open door to socialism and one party rule.  Do you really want to become like the USSR or Cuba or Venezuela.  That is the model the progressives want.  Complete control over everything we do.  Destruction of our culture, religion, morality because these stand in their way.

Think carefully about this.  Study up on why we have the electoral college and fight like h*** to prevent the Progressives from taking this important protection away from us.

In the coming months I will publish something on each of President elect’s proposals. We need to prepare and be cognizant of what we can do to push this agenda forward.

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