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A very fickle nation, lies are being ignored over some crude words, in one poll Hillary Clinton has a mistrust factor of sixty-seven percent. The lies are more than personal when the welfare of the country js at stake. Should a few crude words by one person have the same impact.

The only reason Hillary Clinton was not indicted was because of mass corruption and collusion at the top of our political system. Three people had the power, President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and FBI director James Comey. The integrity of the media is no better, when they withhold any information that could be damaging to Hillary, like WikiLeaks. Some media will mention WikiLeaks, but second to the crude words, there is a gender bias.

Destruction of e-mails and equipment will keep from knowing much of the truth about Hillary and what damage she caused. The public would know nothing without the Freedom of Information Act since they got farther then congress in obtaining information. Wikileaks night be the only source to find the lost information with so many blot outs in the information that was disclosed.

The Democrats are blaming foreign governments for the leaks. They dismiss the idea of the unprotected server that Hillary had. There could always be a mole in th, or ae organization or a multilevel plan like the payoff to disrupt Trump rallies.

Will Hillary if elected automatically change and be honest with congress and the American people? I doubt it. By concentrating on crude words will: 1. Jobs be created 2, better trade deals. 3. The wall be built. 4. More security from terrorist both foreign and home grown. 5. Better appointments to the courts. 6 taxes be kept lower. 7, more religious freedom. 8. More diversity in our energy policy. 9, more safety because our guns are confiscated, 10 Obamacare and Common Core be repealed. 11. The problems in the VA be corrected, 12. Have better management of public lands, 13. Justice reform. 14, control of refugees? We gain very little or nothing by concentrating on crude words.

Hillary’s lies are disclosed in the congressional hearings, information forced out by the Freedom of Information Act, and WikiLeaks. Facts and lies about: her true agenda, her private server, what she did and didn’t do as secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation, actions in her presidential campaign, the involvement of President Obama, Loretta Lynch and many in the Democrat party.

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