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One would think that think that the ideologies of Islam and feminism would mutually exclude each other.

Both are built on the dominance and superiority of either the male or the female sex.

Twenty years ago it would have been unthinkable to see these two ideologies in the same boat. Yet, Feminism and Islam have of recently become “strange bedfellows”, or, “bedfellinas” to be ultra-sensitive to the feminists. This is because of one major characteristic that they have in common – that they both seek to destroy the conservative heritage of America. Feminism on the one hand by destroying relationships, turning the family on its head, and decreasing the number of children born, and increasing the number of children murdered by abortion. Islam on the other hand seeks to infiltrate our country from without and launch terrorist attacks on our own soil. And both are backed by Hillary Clinton, the unlikable Democratic nominee to the presidency.

But, let us think again, are Islam and feminism really so different?

If we look at the chart below we can see ten characteristics of Islam which can be transferred to feminism, whereby see that just as Islam oppresses women in Muslim countries so, in a strikingly similar note does feminism oppress men in western cultures. While liberalism proclaims to liberate certain classes of people, at the same time they do this by subjugating others to slavery. So let us therefore merge these two twin ideologies into a single one called “feminislam”, the common denominator of which is the oppression of one or the other gender, but one which is totally incompatible with what is American.

Islam Feminism
The man is the head of the house Husbands are just an accessory in marriage
Husband can have sex with wife any time he wants Women are encouraged to sleep around with as many men as they want
Husband can divorce wife for any reason Marriage is looked upon as prison and divorce as freedom
Women need 4 witnesses of impeccable character to accuse a man of rape A woman can accuse a man without witnesses for sexual harassment even retroactively
Women’s testimony counts less in court Men almost always lose in child custody cases
A man can have up to 4 wives Women are encouraged to sleep around with as many men as they want
Men are taught how to beat their wives into submission Women are offered multiple choices for aborting their babies if they don’t want them
Women need permission from their husbands if they want to study All sorts of quotas and educational programs are available for women and not men
Non-Muslims must stand up and give their seats over to Muslims Women can expect that men give their seats over to them, help carry bags, etc.
Women have to wear burkhas to cover up Women can walk around scantily clad or even wear men’s clothing; men are more covered up than women



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