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The paying of personal income taxes should be a constant reminder for payers about just how out of control our federal government really is. For most people, government is an abstract entity that does not concern them. For example, they do not object to half the population paying no income taxes.

For the political class, government is the vehicle used to maintain control over those not of their class, the squalid masses. The status quo of the political class is on a different level for those of us not numbered among the privileged.

Because government has become an abstract entity, it is viewed as a benevolent benefactor that is in place to meet the needs of individuals, corporations, local and state governments. Those in government jealously guard their positions and do what is necessary to maintain their lofty perches much like they would their families.

Here in Georgia there are more federal dollars flowing through the State Treasury than dollars collected in state taxes and fees. In counties and municipalities throughout the state, elected officials do not hesitate to solicit federal dollars. The lesser political class members, enticed by the Washingtonians, refuse to believe that the national government is technically broke. Government debt is as abstract an idea as government itself.

Given these attitudes about government and federal dollars, one can understand why state and local officials are reluctant to provide any resistance to government expansion. The lure of money, especially other people’s money, is as addictive as cocaine or heroin.

This fantasy world of fiscal denial poses a significant threat to the continued existence of our Republic as originally constituted. The federal government should only spend what it collects in taxes. The budgets approved by the Washingtonians typically require more spending than taxes can support. This has led to federal debt that today is approaching nineteen trillion dollars.

In spite of this truth, citizens, elected and otherwise, continue to demand money from the federal government. Facts have no place in the fantasy world of the political process. The debt grows. Government influence expands. Those who object to the fantasy become enemies of the state and the Political Class.

Government must succeed regardless of the negative impact on individual citizens. This insanity works only to the advantage of the political class whose primary interest is preservation of the political class.

The current presidential primaries are object lessons in just how the political class protects itself from the will of the people. Political parties in each state make the rules on delegate distribution. Technically, the popular vote in each state is meaningless. Party leaders decide who the delegates to the national conventions are and for whom those delegates will cast their votes. Those leaders are showing us the lengths to which they will go to protect their status quo.

Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are true outsiders. They do not toe the party line. They are feared by the political elites, hence the effort to eliminate any possibility of one of them becoming President of the United States.


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