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Is the matter of time playing with the election? We now see that the FBI is going to release the information on the interview with Hillary. Some reports say ALL information. Others add the words not-CLASSIFIED. How quick will congress view and release the information? Early voting for the military and others Americans stationed overseas. Then there will be places to vote at special places before the actual election day. Will the information be a dribble or a dump? I heard that the release is all political, to me a duh. Factual information is needed for an informed public.

The audio media can control with required news breaks definite time slots. Print media can control by space allocation. In truth the question is what they want to cover or not cover an issue or candidate. Reporter have the power to shorten answers to raise doubt, or just on what the candidate actually stands for.

How many voters have the time or will take the time to dig out the information? Conservatives are stronger in talk radio, and a limited of news resources. Liberals control the almost all the mainstream media.

Besides the matter of the direct connection with the news, they are part of the Democrat or liberal strongholds. A combination of major universities, financial headquarters, government offices, and places where minorities can be large enough in number to make a difference. Look at the red and blue maps of the 2000 and 2004 presidential election.

Is it important to check out ten cities and the connection between the violence where Democrats have been in control for a number of years? The ten cities are: St. Louis (Ferguson), Milwaukee Detroit, Memphis, Miami, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Newark,  El Paso,.and Buffalo. Taking time to see the facts after the smoke has cleared. Were the problems caused by old white democrat men, who took advantage of the African-American? Were they responsible for the poor schools and building dependence on welfare?

If Hillary is to continue the policies of President Obama, is it wasting time to see current, truthful information? Information on: Obamacare, numbers in the labor force and on welfare, refugees, how money was spent, other matters? If 58-64 percent of the people have an unfavorable rating on trust, how can she still be elected?  Cover ups of the past might explode in the next eight years.  After Trump says he has a plan to defeat ISIS but will not give the details, Hillary says Trump has no plan for defeating ISIS. Hillary could have sent out advance notice in her e-mail and Vice President Biden broadcast that he has the security codes. Trump is dangerous with security matters

Is taking a chance with Trump any different than taking a chance with Obama? Obama was the first half black- American who was elected on his showmanship and personality? How about the first business man with no political office?


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