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FBI Director Comey in testimony before the Congressional Oversight Committee admitted that his investigation did not include Clinton’s lies regarding her emails under oath during her testimony to the Benghazi Select Committee. Moreover, the FBI interview conducted by a number of attorneys did not ask the question did she lie. Furthermore, Director Comey indicated that the Clinton server was set up for convenience in view of the email evidence that she wanted to avoid FOIA requests. Is this not obstruction of justice? The question remains is this oversight extreme carelessness or gross negligence?

John Q Public has witnessed Secretary Clinton’s “11 hour ordeal” and knows that she said later that she answered every question. Observers know that she did not. The Benghazi Select Committee is well aware that she misled the public when condemning the protest and video despite her tacit admission that she was confused by the fog of war. That is also a matter of public record.

So the question now is will Director Comey recommend indictment on the charge of perjury and/or
obstruction of justice? Does the hiding of email evidence show intent? Other attorneys sure think so.


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