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Arabic Yahoo FBI messages

For what it is worth: I attempted to post a remark on Yahoo related to the NYC bombings.

Here is what I wrote:

“Princeton67 20 minutes ago

 Mayor says it’s not related to terrorism!!! What in Hell is a bombing? “

There was a response as well, apparently posted by Yahoo! The response read:

“Sorry, we are having trouble connecting right now. Please try again.”

Shortly after this, a pop up notice appeared on my page. The notice had a red background and consisted of an exclamation mark in a triangular symbol with the words “Y! Confidential !”. I tried to open it, but it would not open. I tried to ascertain what the pop up was all about, but the best I could ascertain was that my comments are being monitored.

I was linked to


which was blocked.

Another link appeared


which also was a dead end.

I then went to my Yahoo Mail Account and noticed that for the last several weeks I’ve received messages in Arabic. Now, I do not speak, nor write Arabic. I was concerned and called our local FBI office and explained the situation in its entirety. The FBI response was that they cannot profile something just because it’s in Arabic, and they told me I could delete the messages, which I did NOT do…

I don’t know whether anyone cares about this. But I do. Apparently the F.B.I. does not.


I’m old enough to remember the movie, “The FBI Story”, with Jimmy Stewart (Princeton ’32) in the lead as agent John Michael Hardesty.  It was a different FBI back then.  But then again, it was a different America.


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