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The leftist Antifa thugs like to pretend that they oppose fascism… but the reality is that the modern left has wholly embraced fascism and all of its trappings.

Transcript from RCP:

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in which a woman was fatally struck by a car that was driven into the crowd.

If you followed the hyperventilating press coverage leading up to yesterday’s event, you probably expected to see thousands of hooded Klansmen showing up on horseback in D.C. to commemorate and celebrate the killing.

White supremacy is just that prevalent in America, they tell us. It’s everywhere. Except it’s not. That’s a lie. White supremacy is not ubiquitous in America. It’s not a crisis. It’s not even a meaningful category. It is incredibly rare.

You could easily live your entire life in this country without meeting a single person who believes anything like that. Most of us have lived lives like that. I have. In fact, this is a generous, tolerant country. It always has been that. People who tell you otherwise are either delusional or trying to control you with fear, likely both.

In the end, yesterday, just a couple of dozen people showed up out of a country of 320 million people. They milled around for a while, got yelled out and left. So much for the Klan rally.

What is a crisis in America, and a growing crisis, is left-wing extremism and violence. Our elites abet and encourage it. Our media pretend it doesn’t exist.

Here, for example, was the scene yesterday in Washington. Antifa lunatics calling for the destruction of the United States of America. Watch.


CARLSON: Benny Johnson of “The Daily Caller” took the time to interview some of the protesters. They freely confessed they would like to torture and kill the president.


BENNY JOHNSON, “THE DAILY CALLER” JOURNALIST: What would you have done if Donald Trump showed up at the crowd? Murder him?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would murder him for the people. I mean, yo, he’s

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We’ve got to take him down.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If it came down to it and it was a group effort, we’d have to do him like Gaddafi.

JOHNSON: If the president showed up at this march, what would you do, sir?




CARLSON: Meanwhile in Charlottesville, protesters screamed at the cops.


CROWD: You better face it, all cops are racist.


CARLSON: In D.C., they attacked police with bottles, fireworks and eggs. Keep in mind, this is not the far right. It’s the left. Cops on motorcycles were pushed as they tried to pass through the crowd.

Back in Charlottesville, an NBC News reporter was assaulted by a screening progressive. Watch this.


CARLSON: Amazingly – and it is amazing! – NBC News didn’t even bother to cover the assault on its own staff. The left did it, so it would’ve undermined their storyline.

Screaming leftists in black facemasks, throwing bottles and calling for the destruction of America and the murder of the president, you know how CNN described this group? As “anti-hate groups” because their hate isn’t really hate, it’s the opposite of hate even if it’s exactly the same as hate. Pretty amusingly, Orwellian, but also scary, lying works over time, and that’s exactly why they do it. in a rare fit of honesty ran a piece entitled “Antifa Clashes With Police and Journalists in Charlottesville and D.C.” Well, that was too close to the truth for many on the left and they complained.

“HuffPo”, for example, did. Its hate and extremism reporter Christopher Mathias tweeted this, “This is a bad article and is a good example of how not to cover white supremacy.” A bad article!

In other words, objective truth is bad when it obstructs the goal, which is gaining power. So, lie. Or else! And most reporters do lie.

Well, we don’t have to lie. We can say what is obvious. The very people decrying fascism are the ones practicing fascism, crushing those who disagree with them, silencing contrary opinions which they do constantly, threatening violence as they did yesterday. They can it anti-hate all they want, but the truth is they would hurt you if they could.

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