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Fascism is that form of socialism which retains the forms of freedom, of private property, and the church, while totally controlling every area of life and activity to accomplish the same statist goals of socialism.

The most fundamental value of Fascism is its totalitarianism; the practice that the State is to force its humanist values on all people all the time, including decisions of morality. This was, of course, one of President Obama’s fundamental beliefs; that federal and state governments under liberal-leadership should be involved with the people’s everyday decisions including decisions of conscience, ethics and morality. The ‘rights of individuals’ to liberals like Obama, must give way to the ‘collective spirit’ as decided by an elite group of liberal leaders.

This, of course, was not Obama’s brainstorm. Obama was merely advancing the tradition of 20th century fascism which was assimilated into America by early progressive politicians. Progressive government policies were first introduced to America by presidents; (Rep.) Theodore Roosevelt, (Dem.) Woodrow Wilson (who gave us the FED and later apologized for it), and (Rep.) Herbert Hoover. However, it was Democratic president Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) who provided a quantum-leap in progressive policies by advancing fascist-economics and by dramatically increasing taxpayer funding for his New Deal project. This was pointed-out by his critics at the time, and was thoroughly admitted by his proponents who saw fascism as a forward step in the political progress. As author Wolfgang Schivelbusch noted in his book “Three New Deals,” when Franklin D. Roosevelt took office he was granted extra-constitutional powers by congress to deal with the Depression:

“The broad-ranging powers granted to Roosevelt by Congress, before that body went into recess, were unprecedented in times of peace. Through this “delegation of powers,” Congress had, in effect, temporarily done away with itself as the legislative branch of government. The only remaining check on the executive was the Supreme Court. In Germany, a similar process allowed Hitler to assume legislative power after the Reichstag burned down in a suspected case of arson on February 28, 1933.” (p. 18).1  

This is not much different from the 111th – 114th Congress during President Obama’s Administration, which did very little to oppose Obama’s reckless fascist-policies except to openly complain from time to time. President Obama, for the most part, got a free ride from congressional Republicans as they rarely tried to block the majority of his wayward policies. Like Roosevelt, Obama’s anti-growth policies choked real economic growth and disheartened American workforce confidence. The difference was that Roosevelt had the nation hoodwinked into believing he had their back.

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal policies were praised by Germany’s Nazi-Party newspaper as well as his leadership style which they referred to as Führerprinzip. Hitler himself also praised his American counterpart noting he was in accord with the German Nazi philosophy, saying, “The public-will transcends the interest of the individual.” Fortunately, Roosevelt did not have much use for Adolph Hitler; he did however, greatly admire the Italian fascist leader, Benito Mussolini.

Franklin Roosevelt said of Mussolini; “I don’t mind telling you…that I am keeping in fairly close touch with that admirable Italian gentleman.” Mussolini himself found Roosevelt’s programs to be very reminiscent of Italian-fascism and to what he called, “corporatism.” Although Roosevelt greatly admired Mussolini, with Winston Churchill’s prompting he opposed Hitler’s militant fascism and led America into war against him. This also led to war against Mussolini, who was a reluctant political ally of Germany and Hitler. But, Franklin Roosevelt continued to embrace a subdued form of Italian-fascism for American economic policy. Contrary to both Hitler and Mussolini’s forms of fascism, Roosevelt did retain American civil liberties.

Just as ‘regulations’ were a large part of Mussolini’s state-corporate-fascism, so too Roosevelt’s similar policies in America were ‘publicly conducted’ like a war on the nation’s business sector. Roosevelt’s propaganda machine poured-out vitriolic rhetoric against the American business sector, falsely claiming the excesses of capitalism were the cause of the Depression. These are essentially the same Marxist tactics used by Obama and many other Democrats ever since the Roosevelt era. It’s basically the same old story played over and over again and many people continue to fall for it time and again with the help of the pro-fascist dupes in academia and the press. America’s New Deal fascism was a milder version of European fascism, but American fascism has continued to grow from generation to generation since the 1930’s. The American left is basically trying to catch-up with European totalitarianism while the right is always trying to slow down this process (instead of advancing its own free-market policies).

Today the influence of fascism has permeated the entire Western-World in various forms. British author, Roland Huntford, in the 1971 book, ‘The New Totalitarians,’ described clearly and accurately, the political climate of 1970’s Sweden and how this new totalitarianism (and fascism) resembles Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World.’ Huntford explained how the older model of the totalitarian-state was the Soviet Union. However, Huntford warned, the new totalitarianism relies on; a statist-model education system that indoctrinates the people, on state-run medicine, and on the regulation and control of every area of life while maintaining a veneer of freedom.

The new totalitarianism is simply a redevelopment of the old fascism and its main targets are free-market capitalism and Christian Biblical faith. This has become even more clear with the 1983 IRS Public Policy Doctrine which has given the green light to the IRS to advance its totalitarianism against the church and certain targeted non-profits. Today, the basic American concepts of freedom, liberty, free-speech, freedom of religion, religious morality, ethics, and ‘rule of law’ are fast becoming hated concepts by the adherents of the new totalitarianism.

As a populist, President Trump may not be a purist when it comes to the founding ideals of America, but, he clearly holds to many of them. And he certainly appears more willing and courageous than most Republicans in congress to help promote and re-establish such values. He is also rolling back some of the fascist-totalitarian policies of Barak Obama, which most Republicans are too cowardly to even consider. Yet, the Republican Party acts hell-bent on making sure that Trump does not succeed! This is political insanity! This anti-Trump sentiment within the Republican party appears to be the moderate, good-old-boy network of do-nothings who merely occupy space, somehow get re-elected, and make grand speeches about fighting for the American people.

Yet, when it comes to actually fighting the good fight all we hear is excuses. And all we see is finger-pointing. This has to be the dumbest, most spineless bunch of elected officials ever to occupy congress! It’s almost as if they are trying to help Democrats get back on their feet! But hey, at least they will walk away with a great pension and big-heads about how they made a difference by working in Washington for the American people – blah, blah, blah. All this leads me to believe today’s Republican congress, does not have the will, the guts, the intellect, the rhetorical-chops, nor the faith to challenge the Democrats fascist political order.

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