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How many articles, how many comments, how much more can we say about the out-of-control Liberal, Socialist Democrats?

How much more of our disgust and disappointment can we put in print? Does not anyone in Government see or understand what is going on? Just today, I read an article where a homeowner was made to take down a flag stating “… BLUE LIVES MATTER …”. It was in support of our Police. But the Black Lives Matter group complained that it was racist so she had to take it down!!!!

I apologize for my language, but…… “what the hell is going on”……? And what about the  Muslim woman who protested because she had to uncover her face for her Drivers License picture; so an exception was made! Her license picture only bares her eyes. And in Texas a Pig farmer was fighting to stay on land that his family owned for many years; seems some Muslims moved next to his property and they were offended by the presence of the Pigs.  Just two examples of what is going on, and what the Democratic Liberal Socialist Party is forcing on us. And the Conservatives and Republicans are allowing it to happen! WHY ….  WHY?  I will try to tell you, but will it do any good? Will we just continue to complain about what is going on? Or will we do something about it? Not violence please! That is their way, not ours! Of course, while I don’t incite physical confrontations, I do believe in being prepared to defend my self. Freedom of speech is only for Muslims and Blacks, obviously. At least, that is what I am understanding from the News reports.

Now comes to mind the constant bickering within our Society; the Left versus the Right; Black versus White;  Democrats versus Republicans; Christians versus non-Christians; Non-Christians advocating the  death to Christians and Jews; Islam versus all other religions! When will it ever end? Please God help us!

Is there an answer? I believe there must be; there has to be! We must perpetuate the Human Society! God has so willed! No matter what you call him ~ Allah or God ~ He still rules us. And we must obey and observe His laws and His Creed. We are all different. That is how He made us. Accept it!!!!

If you and I are different ~~~~ then so be it! Would it not be boring if we were all exactly the same? Diversity is the standard for life. If you don’t agree with who I chose as a spouse, that is my life to live, not yours. Black marries White; Jews marry Christians; Asians marry Westerners; Italians marry Irish.

SO WHAT?!!? Should it divide us as a people? Absolutely not! This trend has gotten worse over the course of the past eight or nine years.  Let us look into that. Perhaps there we will find the answers for compatibility.

We, as a Society, as the inhabitants of this Planet Earth, have made adjustments and changes in our life-style, our habits, our preferences; how we eat, what we eat; our Social behavior, our values, our acceptances, and so on.  If we have been able to accept such changes, why can we not then accept the basic differences in each other? My opinion in answering this question would be that we have been subjected to a learning experience through time and constant observance. We have divided ourselves. We continuously put each other into little boxes. Why? Perhaps it is simply a matter of a desire to be different. But if we are different then why not accept it??? Maybe by being different in any way puts us on a level of self acceptance. Maybe we need to simply feel good about ourselves, and therefore tell ourselves that we are better than our neighbor. In some arenas that is okay. And that is what we must accept. The fact that it is okay to be different. I can be different from you. You can be different from me.  We can learn from each others’ differences. But at the same time we MUST accept that our neighbors are different, and it’s okay to be different. We work together, we live together, we learn together, and we endure together. Therefore we will grow together. Mankind will survive together.

Don’t force your preferences, your opinions, your tastes on another. Learn to get along. Our Politicians have been separating us for over two hundred (200) years. We cannot let it continue. Our Legislative Body is constantly dividing themselves by an aisle. WRONG!! There should be no division in Government. Our Democratic Government here in the United States of America cannot separate itself into Party values. By doing this we teach our young how different we are, how we must fight each other to gain acceptance for our preferences. We must force a system and values and morals on others. WRONG!!

Our Representatives must learn that once they are elected by the People, they must represent us. They must stop favoring the prejudices and desires of those who have financially supported them in the Election process. Those who supported them must realize that they cannot control their decisions. Opinions and votes cannot and should not be bought. The Lobbyists within our Government MUST BE INFORMED that this is a Government of the People, for the People, and BY THE PEOPLE. The folks in Government have been separating themselves for too long. Once they enter those Hallowed Buildings in Washington, and yes, even in our Local Governments, they are there to maintain our Republic, our Democracy. But I believe they have lost their way. It appears to me they are only thinking of themselves, and the life they have forged for themselves. They try to control the Citizenry with lies and manipulations, keeping them happy so they can get re-elected. They decide on their salary, their times off, their holidays, the terms of office, the health benefits, and anything else that pertains to their good life.

Now we have a Businessman sitting in the Oval Office, instead of a Politician. The career Politicians in Washington D.C. must learn and realize that he will be guided by different principals. He will not continue with business as usual in Government. He will not be guided by previous practices in the Political World. He will run the Government as a Business, as it should be. Too many decisions have been made over the years by personal needs and preferences. The people have been forgotten.

How do we remind our Representatives that we are still here? How do we tell them that they work for us? Perhaps by taking back control of our Local Governments; and let the word go forward to our Capital. Don’t swamp them with petitions and letters and phone calls. They can be ignored. Protests in the streets are ignored also by them. Only the Media pays attention to these methods.

One suggestion has come to me, and boy did it open my eyes: boycott paying taxes. That very well may be our only and best leverage.  ” …. take the candy from the baby, and watch him behave …. “!!!!!!

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