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Here we go once more. That infinitely wise man, Denis Prager has told us on many occasions that Liberals operate on about 95% emotion and only about 5% logic; once again they are all excessively yelling and screaming about “Family Separation” and of course since the 2016 election, anytime libs and the Dim’s are excessively emotional about anything, President Trump is the baddie. I have written about this Liberal political syndrome a couple of years ago, so let’s do it again.

Family Separation circa 2018:

The left wing liberal Democrat party and their legacy media want all to believe President Trump’s policies are totally responsible for what they term, “Family Separation.” Here are the facts:

• In 1967 the Clinton administration entered into something called the Flores Settlement Agreement which ended a class action lawsuit brought about in the 1980”s. The settlement established a policy the federal government would release minors to the custody of their parents after no more than 20 days in custody (obviously the children had been separated) or alternatively, determine the “least restrictive” setting for the child, (i.e. the feds.)

• In 2008 the Democrat Congress approved legislation to combat human trafficking and President George W. Bush signed it into law. That law states that unaccompanied minors entering the United States must be transferred into the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement rather than to the Department of Homeland Security. (That meant government custody and the Democrat controlled Congress put that policy in place.)

• Just a little clarification for Laura Bush, the immoral conditions and facilities she condemned President Trump for are run by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a division of Health and Human Services. Family separation has been in operation since 2003, at which time her husband George W. Bush had been president for two years. Maybe Laura should relax a little on the Bush families, “we dislike Trump syndrome” and check her facts before going full media.

• In 2016 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit expanded the Flores settlement to include children being brought to the country illegally by their parents. That meant “Family Separation, “and guess who was the president, well my goodness that would have been Barrack Obama.

• For consistency between the provision of the anti-trafficking law and the 9th Circuits interpretation of the Flores agreement, children who came into the country illegally with parents had to be taken into HHS custody and “As soon as their parents are detained, the children are classified as unaccompanied.” “Family Separation” are we starting to get this?

• The Policy was originated in 1997 during President Clinton’s Democrat Administration; it was further developed in 2008 under President Bush’s Republican Administration and was adjusted and finalized in 2016 under President Obama’s Democrat Administration. Does anyone, anymore, care about facts and reality, well obviously not Liberals, Democrats and their puppet media.

• Example, all of the local news channels here in Phoenix have been declaring, two or three times a day, “President Trump’s zero tolerance policy” has caused the separation of children from their parents.” Nonsense of course, but it just goes to demonstrate the accuracy of the term, “Fake News.”

• Now Jeh Johnson, President Obama’s DHS Secretary admitted on national television that the Obama administration not only had child detention centers in full operation, but it expanded child detention centers. Jeh Johnson: “We did a number of things and expanded family detention, which was, I freely admit controversial.” Conditions of the detention centers during Obama’s tenure were not good. In one facility in Virginia, young adults have testified about months of physical abuse. Have we heard even one word from CNN, MSNBC, NBC, or ABC about the fact that under Obama, detention centers were expanded and the conditions were even worse for those detainees? Of course not my friends, this has now gone far beyond ‘Fake News” or politics, we are now in an era of the Democrat’s and their propaganda puppet media trying to implement a complete ideological coup in an attempt to change the traditional ethos of our country. Remember Obama’s mantra, “I will Fundamentally Transform America” they are still at it. But with the American people’s election of Donald Trump they will fail, they know it and are now in a state of desperation.

• Come on folks, President Trump was not in office at the time the above decisions and policies went into place, but the total lack of veracity by the Dim’s, liberals and their choir boy media on this subject will further diminish themselves with the American people. Keep it up; I have short term anger with their abysmal lies, but long term glee, because these fools just continue to destroy themselves with voting Americans.

President Trumps “Zero Tolerance” policy; why was “Zero Tolerance” put into place? President Trump’s policy was started because President Obama, speaking several times about his inability to change our immigration policies had told the world, “I am the President of the United States not the emperor, and I can’t change Congressional laws.” Unfortunately President Obama’s words on that subject were just more of the misinformation, disinformation, half-truths and dammed lies that were so commonplace during his time in office. Obama couldn’t change Congressional laws on immigration, but he sure as hell could subvert them; so Obama put in place his nasty “Catch and Release” policy. Cunning plan Barrack. On the other hand, why didn’t Obama use his famous pencil, bypass Congress and make another of his far too many “Executive Orders” to keep parents and children together? He never did, but of course that question will never be raised by the usual suspects.

Catch and Release; the way our insane immigration laws now work is that if an illegal immigrant sets one foot inside our borders they cannot be deported without a deportation hearing. The way Catch and Release worked was, once the illegal immigrant came before a judge and was granted a date for a deportation hearing, they used to be released with the foolish belief they would come back for that hearing. Many never did, they left never to be seen again. In essence that provides exactly what President Obama and his Democrat politicians covertly want, “Open Borders.”

Yes we have been told that President Obama deported hundreds of thousands of illegals, what we are never told is that a hefty portion of those deportations were a charade. It has been established that far too many of Obama’s deportations were back in our country in less than 30 days because of his policies. That is why we keep hearing about some illegals arrested in our country had been deported three, four, five six, seven or more times and still came back; unfortunately for some American citizens, too many of them are criminals and came back to commit crimes including murder; yeah they were deported, but returned again and again.

The “Zero Tolerance Policy” was put in place in an attempt to stop the dangerous nonsense of “Catch and Release.” Under President Trump’s policies the adults are held in custody until deportation is decided, they are no longer just let go, hoping they will come back for adjudication when it is known they won’t, and the children are held in custody, in accordance with current Congressional law, “As soon as the parents are detained, the children are classified as unaccompanied.” (Held in custody)

That was the policy under George W. Bush and Barrack Hussain Obama. Families were separated. There is overwhelming photographic evidence of that policy. Under the Obama presidency children were put into cages and held without their parents, that was Congressional policy and it continued under President Trump. But the Democrats, their media and the Liberals saw another opportunity to damage this president, never mind it was a continuation of policies in place for years, and it was the policy of the prior Democrat administration. The “resistance” and their standard duplicity went into full overdrive.

“Family Separation,” the real aim of the pandemonium. Ladies and gentlemen, anyone who has ever had the responsibility to coordinate large groups of people for an event knows it takes not days but weeks to set those events up effectively. When in just a few days, we see hundreds of people across the country suddenly come together to protest “family separation,” that just didn’t happen spontaneously. Those 700 protests were planned in advance many days prior to the news coming out on “family separation.” They were planned and coordinated attacks on the Trump presidency. Is any further evidence required to understand there is a “Soros” funded cabal in charge of all the various, and in some cases public and dangerous attacks on this president, starting in the Republican primary contests, and as we have witnessed, throughout his presidency, I don’t think so, I believe many Americans are now understanding the root causes. However with the political vitriol and maliciousness that is now all over our corrupt media and with the revolting and disgusting words and phrases being shouted out by the so called entertainment industry, it is becoming dangerous. I believe the people of this country want it to stop. It won’t, and the Democrats will pay a terrible price in November 2018 because of their support of that danger.

President Trump has now responded to separating families, he changed that policy, and unlike President Obama, has signed an executive order to change it; but the change still does not become “Catch and Release” the adults will still be detained, but now with the children as soon as that can be arranged. However that was an executive order, not a change in congressional law. The first time President Trump’s executive order is challenged in a court, it will be overturned. Could Congress come together to change the current law, no it can’t because the Democrats will never allow that to happen. The Dim’s seem to believe their intransigence will be a positive for them in the 2018 election, that’s how politically stupid their desperation has taken them. But hey folks we didn’t really expect the “resistance” to do anything but continue their hypocrisy. If President Trump could walk on water the Dim’s, Libs and our corrupt main media would mock him for not being able to swim.

The actual facts are, and of course the Dim’s, liberals, and their legacy media would never be interested in them. Of the approximately 12,000 children being housed by the agency, the vast number of those children entered the United States unaccompanied by adults, which means they are not being separated from their families because their families are not with them anyway. It should be obvious to anyone who has paid even a modicum of attention to the illegal immigration issue, that many of the adults accompanying these children are NOT their parents or even distant relatives. Indeed they are sometimes criminals involved in human trafficking. What matters, as far as the separation issue is concerned, is whether the adult is detained for illegal entry, and under the zero tolerance policy they are and will continue to be. If one of those adults actually brought their children with them, under President Trump’s new order, they will be detained with their parents. However one and all of them have committed a criminal act in illegally crossing our border and under this president they will not be allowed to just fade away and disappear. Oh by the way the vast majority of Americans, according to the latest Harris Poll 76%, support the President’s policy as we will see in November 2018.

Now let’s talk about “Family Separation” and Deniss Prager’s theory.

The way our legal system works is that, a person commits a crime, is arrested by law enforcement, put on trial, if found guilty, they may then be sentenced to serve time in jail or prison. I don’t know what the statistics are on how many people are convicted and go to jail or prison per day in this country; or how many of those going to jail or prison are married or have a family, but I would hazard a guess sentences might be several per hour. When that occurs to a criminal with a family, it is “Separating a Family.” It happens all the time in this country to American citizens who are criminals. Where oh where is the liberal emotional wailing and screeching on this family separation? Oh that’s right these are American citizens, so there is no political capital involved for the liberals, the democrats and if that is so, then there is nothing for their media.
In addition there are thousands of military families in our country whose fathers, mothers, husbands, and wives are deployed into harm’s way in dangerous countries far away from their loved ones. They are not criminals; they are brave, patriotic Americans. That is also “Family Separation” and in some cases that separation is forever. Where is all the emotion and anguish on that family separation from CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, NBC the Democrats and our corrupt media? Their silence is only interrupted by the crickets.

Can all of the emotional bleeding heart Liberals, Democrats, and the propaganda arm of the democrat party, their legacy media, pull their heads out of one of their largest orifices and confess that when anyone crosses our borders without the permission of this country, it is illegal, it is a crime, it is a felony. That ipso facto makes the individual who illegally entered our country, a criminal and it is immaterial what their reasons for illegally crossing our borders are, they have committed a crime. The majority of the American people do not want these “parents” and their children to illegally come into our country. What we want is a “Sovereign Nation”; in case the Libs, Dim’s and our corrupt media do not understand or believe in that philosophy, that the majority of Americans believe in, let’s give them a refresher course.

A Sovereign Nation – A sovereign nation is ruled by its own people. It has the supreme, absolute right as a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources or governments. It has the legal right to govern its own affairs in its own territory without outside interference. It has the legal right to control its own borders.

So here is my advice to all the liberals, Democrats and their propaganda arm, their legacy media; it is going to take time to change the lousy immigration laws now in place in our country, laws which their left wing political values are primarily responsible for. As we have seen, they will fight and attempt to delay any changes to those laws in order to disrupt this president’s administration for their own far left political ideology. That in itself must show our people what they really care about, their own attempts at shameful leftist political success, which includes Open Borders! However as we have witnessed, they will fail, President Trump is far too tough and will defeat them. But until our current immigration laws are changed for the betterment of all, when an illegal immigrant is caught, incarcerated and then deported, shut up and deal with it. Come on 2018.
At this point I would like to provide some personal viewpoints. I served my country in our Armed Forces for 28 years. My wife served with me for 20 of those years. Like military wives do, she took care of our family alone when I was on many deployments and temporary duty locations (TDY’s) around the world, she kept our family solid and that is a chore when both parents are in place. I met my wife in Northampton U.K. and she was a British citizen. Like many families in our armed forces, we moved around quite a bit, so trying to become an American citizen while I was on active duty was not going to happen; however when I retired my wife said, “It is time” and so we started the process. Even though my wife had served our country with me for twenty years, it took my wife over three years from the time we started the process until she took the oath. I had 28 years of honorable service in the USAF. I had over 5,000 peace time flying hours and over 900 combat flying hours, my wife had served with me for 20 of those years, and it still took over three years for her to become an American citizen, but that was ok because that was the law.

So hell no, I don’t want someone who decides to just break our laws and enter our country illegally to feel they have the right to be able to stay here and reap the values of what this country has struggled and fought for. If you want to become an American citizen, stand in line and start the legal procedure to see if you qualify. If you chose to break our laws to enhance your own life, too bad we don’t want you here. If the country you were born in is not the country you want to live in, stay there work and struggle to change it. That is always a tough and perhaps a dangerous path to take, but if it is not taken, nothing will ever change.
If the founding fathers of the United States had just given up, because while they didn’t like the British King’s policies, and they knew the danger of trying to change those policies, if they then chose to run away to live in France or Germany, this wouldn’t be the country we are honored to live in, the greatest country in the world. No our Founding Fathers put their lives and fortunes on the line, stayed, struggled and fought to create the United States of America. These runners need to do the same for their countries.

Long and Dangerous Journeys:

Finally it is long past time to open the subject of children, by the tens of thousands coursing into our country from Central America; Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Folks something doesn’t add up, why would a parent allow their children, and in many case very young children, to leave their homes and go on a dangerous journey, a journey that could be more far dangerous than staying with their families in whatever country they are from. In many cases making that dangerous journey, not with their parents but a stranger, to travel through Central American, all the way through a dangerous country, Mexico, which is inundated with drug cartels who don’t give a damm who they murder, and then to attempt to illegally break our laws, illegally cross our borders, and enter the United States?

I do not know anyone who would even think of putting their children in that potentially fatal position. The stories the libs, Dim’s and our corrupt media tell us, they make that journey is because those countries are terrible, awash in crime and poverty and these adults and children just have to leave. Really, I guess no one has told them about cities in the U.S. like Chicago where there is more shooting deaths a year than in the war zones in the Middle East. While the U.S. overall is a light to the world, Central America is not NAZI Germany or Communist Russia. Please, many people in this country have gone on holiday in those Central American countries, and those countries are not on any proscribe list by our State Department; not as great as the U.S. but nothing else is.

Now let’s take a look at the reality of what is actually going on:

Annual per capita income for:

Honduras – 2015 – $2,313
El Salvador – 2014 – $ 3,049
Nicaragua – 2014 – $ 4,784
Guatemala – 2016 – $ 7,366

Those are the latest figures I could get. If one looks at the last 10 or so years of ACP numbers for those countries, those numbers don’t move up or down much. The lower cost estimate I have been able to get to bring a child from those countries, through Mexico and across our southern border is north of $ 5,000 each (I believe that cost number to be much higher than that). That dollar number is not a mileage cost folks, it is for protection against human trafficking against those children, to protect them from cartel abduction for use as human mules hauling narcotics. Some group or agency has to be protecting those people and that is going to cost a lot of money, there has to be money to bribe the various government agencies in Mexico who normally have a stringently closed southern border with Guatemala. Let’s get this straight, Mexican law says if you enter Mexico illegally, you can be jailed for up to two years, not just deported. So what the hell is going on? Mexico in the last several years has allowed tens of thousands of people to pour across their southern border with Guatemala with the absolute intent to illegally enter our country. Now we have heard a potential president of Mexico, in their upcoming election, shouting to his constituents that he supports thousands of Mexicans illegally trying to enter the United States. I guess the Mexican government doesn’t give a damm about their border laws if they can stick it to the United States. However Mexico has a reputation of allowing money to be important in its decision making; just saying. I believe under President Trump there will be justifiable accountability coming for Mexico.

However, if a family in El Salvador’s annual income is about $ 3049, where is the money coming from to have one of their children whisked away to the Texas or Arizona border? That $ 5,000 would be about eighteen months of total income for that family. That isn’t going to happen my friends. The same situation applies to the rest of those Central American countries. So once more, where is the money coming from? Perhaps the families who can’t pay the cost of their children’s journey, are not paying for that journey, but getting paid for their children’s journey? Think about it.

The National Association of Former Border Control Officers (NAFBPO) made a statement that the illegal immigration problem is not accidental, asserting that the large influx of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing our border “is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by political leaders that knowingly put minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes.”

I do not have the resources to find the truth about the tens of thousands of children pouring across our southern border during President Obama’s time in office, and then continuing to the present, but I do not believe for a moment that surge of children is just coincidence. I do not believe that families in Central America could afford the cost of transporting their children to our southern border, I do not believe that families in Central America would allow their children to leave on that dangerous journey without some kind of financial enticement for doing so, I do not believe that Mexico would allow their southern border to become transparent without some kind of a plan, probably political and with a ton of money involved. I do believe with the former Border Control officers that this assault on the sovereignty, safety and the political stability of our nation is “predictable orchestrated and contrived.

I do believe that there is an immense political group of “One World”, Marxist/socialists continually attempting to change our Constructional Republic form of government. They understand that if they cannot accomplish their quest for Marxist/Socialist worldwide governance by “Fundamentally Transforming” the American government, they will fail. In 2018 I hope and pray Americans will remember it was Barrack Obama and the Democrat political party whose political mantra was just that, WE WILL FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA. We stopped them in their quest in 2016 I pray to God we continue to destroy them in 2018.

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