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Look upon the signs of hunger. Listen to the cries of pain. Hear the death rattle pass from dry and wrinkled lips, and look upon the pathetic thing that once was a human being lie still in death.

Wonder why in a modern world there is no respite from hunger, and no helping hand to ease a weighty burden, nor end in sight of this dreadful plight.

The world stands idly by as a fanatical breed spread their foul and deadly creed, and reap a harvest of terror, blood and strife. How many nations are there whose loyalties are bound to power and greed?

Whose diplomats suppose, while too many repose. The United Nations fornicating, procrastinating philanderers of international law accomplishing very little as the tormented screams of the innocent continue unheard.

Savage rapes and unthinkable torture perpetrated by black heart-ed devils in turbans and robes. The Hydras gaping, salivating jaws sway too and fro while too many good but idle men stare in wonder and ask could this really be? As they stare unseeing into the ‘Hydras’ leering face, still doubting as the venomous jaws lower. The shadow of the ‘Beast’ grows longer, as the Sons of Evil grow stronger.

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