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Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican convention last night and refused to endorse Trump.  I expected as much from Jeb Bush who said he would win without the Tea Party and who not only broke his word to support the people’s choice of candidate but is so petty that he wouldn’t even show up.

I expected better from Ted Cruz.  To show up and say “vote your conscience” rather than endorse the candidate chosen by the people makes him just as petty as Jeb Bush.

Bush, like Hillary, is a part of the Washington Establishment.  The death blow to Cruz’s campaign was when he was endorsed by the establishment.  If he joins with them now against Trump, how does that make Trump one with Hillary?  The answer is – it does not because you are wrong.  Trump’s own children speak to his character, just as Romney’s did, over all the propaganda by the DNC and GOP.

The problem with these disparate views is that there are only two candidates in this election who matter.  Ted’s “vote your conscience” may be a hint at a third party GOP candidate.  Trump has pulled in the Reagan Democrats but conservative purists don’t seem to care.  If they stay home or vote third party that gives this election to Hillary and they become the Ross Perot’s of 2016.  If they do this then they squander all moral authority and any respect they thought they had.  No one will rally to them in four years.

Trump has become the champion of the people against the Washington Establishment.  Should he prove untrue to his word then primary-ing him in four years is justified.  But if Cruzers and the Bushies sabotage him under the mantle of conservative purity, as they did to Romney in 2012 when he was their choice in 2008, and give us a third term of Obama-ism, then don’t expect the rest of us to back you ever again.

In a piece of political genius (or coincidence), this race has morphed Ted Cruz from right to left of the political aisle and Trump from left to right. Here’s how:

This is how the people saw the election during the primaries:

Bernie          Hillary     Bush           Trump        Cruz

This is how Cruzers see the election now:

Trump/Hillary        Cruz/Bush

This is how the people see the election now:

Hillary       Cruz/Bush           Trump

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