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Look at the mess we narrowly escaped if the criminal escapades of  “Madam Hillary” were evolving in the Oval Office.

The Democratic Party today is a catapult for stones going the wrong way. Most everything they put at the doorstep of the Trump Administration, seems to fall right back into their own front yard.

The hypocrisy, the mud slinging, the questionable deaths that have been linked to the Democratic Party and it’s many inside and outside associates, voting irregularities, admissions to prompting Hillary with questions to be forthcoming in her debates with Donald Trump, and oh yes, let us not forget the obvious ignoring of pertinent and successful acts of policy, by President Trump and his aides, by the Media; an organization that Hillary Clinton and Georges Soros have financial and personal influence over.

Which brings me to the coverage of the school shootings.  I was appalled at the constant photos of the students running from the school, and the other of someone on the ground being attended to by Paramedics. How do you think that made the Parents, who had not yet heard from their children, feel. The Media has come to a low place. The story and headline is everything. The frantic and dramatic tones in the voices of reporters, does not promote confidence and security in the people. They add to our current climate of fear; of distrust in the Police and Educators to protect our children when they are away from home.

And now, arising from the aftermath of the latest incident of school shootings, we have the information that the Sheriff of Broward County, Florida, has been a staunch supporter of Hillary and the Democratic Party.
His deputies have been accused of ignoring warnings involving the perpetrator, as has the FBI.  An organization that is, itself, under close scrutiny for certain possible illegal actions in support of Hillary, and the entire Democratic Party.

Today, along with fighting our adversaries on other Continents, we, our Government, our Military, and our police, must deal with the enemy within; the many organizations and factions that disrupt the daily lives of everyday citizens with their protests, their ramblings on TV talk shows. Many believe they are instigated and supported by the Democratic Party and the Liberals among and within.

Our Media, among other issues, seems to ignore an investigation of the forces behind the M13 gang. Was there not, some years previous, stories of Obama recruiting a youth of mercenaries? Perhaps not. Perhaps I am feeding the paranoia of many in our Society that believe the outrageous rhetoric put forth by the anti-Trump forces.

In bringing this up I merely wish to further the knowledge of the contentious attitude of members of the entertainment industry. For many years our youth looked up to this sector; as they did to the athletes at the Professional and University level. But they have all brought Politics into the very institutions that used to be revered and admired by our young; that gave them something to strive for and achieve.

In summary I put forth the following:  No President is perfect. From Washington through to Obama, they all, thank goodness, have been human; with feelings of compassion; with wisdom; and fore-sight to guide us forward as a Nation and as a people. They have all made mistakes, that is why we have the system of accountability that we have. So I ask: Why do the Democrats hate, and fight vigorously against President Trump? My own personal opinion is that they are trying to protect and preserve their comfortable way of life that he has threatened, and rightly so. A way they have achieved over the years; a way they did not intend when entering the field of Politics. But after experiencing it, and being influenced by those already there, they convinced themselves they “…deserved it…”. The Washington Establishment, as we have begun to label them, have become acutely aware of the attitude of the American people. They have become aware that we have no intention of further tolerating their indiscretions. Unfortunately they are the “swamp” that Pres. Trump has nominated them during his campaign.

The Liberal Democrats are fighting ferociously to discredit the Trump administration. I have noticed that during debates on many a talk show, when they (Liberal/Democrat) are faced with a truth, they immediately begin to talk over their host, or even the anti Liberal guest appearing with them. To wit I pick out Juan Williams on THE FIVE, and sometimes Geraldo Rivera on various shows such as Hannity and also THE FIVE. A fellow I only know of as “RICHARD”, who has been on THE FIVE, and also on JUDGE JEANINE on Saturday nights, is a continual ‘talk-over’ person; which I consider a very rude manner.

Do they not realize that when they talk over, it is impossible to understand a word? Of course, that is the point, isn’t it? They don’t want to face the truth, nor do they want others to hear it.


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