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How Effective is Facebook in Silencing Us:

If you have followed my posts over time you would see that an average day would see my site Dr. Jim Garrow had a reach of 45,000 people per post. Adding in the reach of this site and 3 other of my sites, I reached about 5,000,000 people with each post. While Facebook has me in jail as in today, my numbers on Dr. Jim Garrow are at 6446 and when added to my other sites the numbers (or sphere of influence) drops from the just over 5 million for a post to under 100,000.

Using the reductions in readership and surmising that Zuckerberg and crew are doing the bidding of their master in the White House, they are minimizing the influence of folks like myself who are patriotic, Christian, Israel supporting and common sense praising posters.

One of the things that I have noted in the past is the number of previous and embarrassed supporters of Obama who have followed and learned from the information that we post and the opinions that we render in support of this or that article. I can count in the thousands those who had not known much of what we posted and were genuinely happy to reflect on their knew found source of truth. I am only one person of many who likewise are restricted from their positions of influence and limited by the agendas of the censors in service of Zuckerberg and his proxy efforts in support of the demons in the White House.

Facts are not theory.

Conspiring together in support of an agenda and a world view is common but particularly on Facebook there is no common cause of the sharing of ideas and open debate. Facebook has, by its actions, shown itself to be a deceptive tool of propaganda for the liberal left, their communist partners and their political enablers in the media and government. To be a Christian constitutionalist is to be anathema to the “betters” who rule Facebook. The arrogance of the fist in the face of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will one day be crushed as the person who merely spoke to create the entire universe brings His nemesis upon those who mock Him and the Republic established in His name and in His service.


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