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We at iPatriot take pride in being a liberty-loving, free speech-defending, open access forum for all people.

Our foundational belief is that each and every person – on the right, the left, and in the middle – has the ability to decide for themselves what they will believe. Moreover, we are committed to defending every American’s (and every person’s) right to speak their beliefs in a respectful and open way.

We’ve been doing that here for years and we’ve always done our best to hold to our guiding principles of free speech and fair play.

Sadly, the tech giants at Google, Facebook, Twitter… and who knows where else… have decided to attack us for our stand.

Several months ago we were told by Facebook that our page had been suspended because they believed that either we (the publishers) were not real people, or that our content was “spam.” We responded, asking Facebook to reinstate our page because we were indeed “real people” and as you all know our content is the opposite of spam. iPatriot is a site that publishes original stories from a wide range of writers, and we take pride in refusing to spam our mailing lists or our social media friends.

Sadly, Facebook never replied. Instead, they killed our page. We immediately lost contact with tens of thousands of our fans. To make matters worse, Twitter followed suit, killing our Twitter account without ever giving us a reason for doing so.

The two-fisted attack on our endeavor has hurt our bottom line and made it extremely difficult to continue our operations. However, we’re not crying about this. The truth is we never liked feeling like we had to work with Facebook and Twitter. They are anti-freedom, anti-American, and antithetical to most of the values we stand for.

While we hope to continue our work here at iPatriot for a long time to come, we could really use your help.

Please, continue to share our stories. Post our work to your social media pages and encourage your friends to visit our site. But MOST OF ALL… Keep Writing! Keep Speaking Out! Keep Exercising your right to speak freely.

Now, more than ever before, we need our free speech warriors to fight.

Join us at iPatriot, don’t let the Fake News Media drown out our voices.

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