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It’s time to open your eyes and ears. You are the first generation born in these United States that has not a clue of the true history of our great Republic. And that alone will hang over your heads, for the remainder of your life; unless you seek to learn the truth about the structuring of this great Society.

In the past, generations started the maturing process by assuming to know it all, and found out, through experience and hard work, that we did not have the answer to everything. We listened to those that have gone before us and learned and absorbed their lessons and wisdom.

But you folks have been victimized by another, an older generation of has-beens and wanna-bees; in their attempt to change our world into what they perceive to be a perfect Society.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I will remind you, life is not perfect.

You cannot make a career of giving ALL to the needy. You take away their independence, and you re-introduce a form of slavery. Many have fought hard and long to alleviate that ugly part of our Society.

For those who need help, that is what we must give them; help, and assistance, to get on with their lives. Whatever they may need to stand on their feet again and sustain themselves, to regain their pride and self-worth. But we must first take care of ourselves, or we will be no good to anyone else.

To defend and demand the Government supply our Civilization with the necessities of life is like a child having a ‘tantrum’.

You will revert Society back to the days of Feudal life, Kings and Lords living in a protected Castle, with the Serfs living in the Forest, whose only function is to support the Castle and those therein.

You have been indoctrinated and subjected to a life of dependence, a life of servitude to the Government; depending on it for all life’s necessities. Man needs free will, independence to seek his own path; the ability to think for himself and make the best choices for a good and rewarding life. He needs the confidence to stand tall and strong.

You have not been taught the building blocks of that life. You have always depended on the adults in your life to pave the road smoothly for you. To pick up the pieces of your entanglements; to feed and clothe you and supply you with the toys of what you consider a necessity.

The American way is what you have been deprived of; the work ethic and drive for exceptionalism. The personal pride of self-awareness and self-preservation.

It is not too late. Pick up the books of History. Learn how this Republic was formed. Learn the truth. Know your responsibility to Society, and to yourself, and to your fellow-man.


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