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This is about both POLITICS and JUSTICE or if you prefer INJUSTICE/ Extreme carelessness is now a new defense. I did not mean to hurt anyone. I only got caught because I was careless.

Every person who has been convicted of espionage or treason should be set free if convicted on less evidence. All people who are convicted on a DUI or DWI should be freed because it was only one time drinking or trying a drug once.

What is the standard of proof to  move a case forward? What is REASONABLE doubt? Hillary claiming that the information was not “classified” because she originated the information? Do crimes that ordinary people make have a higher impact, then top levels of the government?

There has been a lot of coincidence on people  dying around Hillary and Bill,  starting in Arkansas.  Fort seven people have been mentioned, but  why does it matter now? Even if it was only one?  There were nine item of questionable behavior when the  Bill and Hillary were in the White House. This included illegal contributions from foreign counties.

The actions of the FBI are questionable after all the earlier reports on the investigation of Hillary, and now the attack in Orlando. All of this reached the high levels of  Obama’s Department of Justice. Why has Obama refused to testify? The e-mail was only the method of communication and security is an issue in defending the country. The details of all actions in Libya, contacts with foreign governments as to policy can be an issues.  The Clinton Foundation is not a crime, the information by e-mail could be. Does the Department of Justice freeze on Hillary’s e-mails cover  treaties and trade agreements, anything about Fast and Furious, or more items covering Obama’s executive orders?

Trump might not have the most experience or be completely clean, but has he done anything with large negative impact? Hillary could be worse then Obama, because Hillary would follow Obama and add her own agenda.

How much does experience count when one is extremely careless?

If by a long chance Hillary is replaced due to falling poll numbers, is Trump and the Republicans ready to take on any replacement? Hillary has a lot of donations from someplace. Trump has gone on his own so often he is not a fund raiser, but he is beholden to none.  The Republicans should not replace Trump with a Hillary minus the corruption.


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