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Republicans and Democrats were lavish with praise for former FBI Director Robert Swan Mueller III, the man who became the Special Counsel to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.  “Bob” is high born, Ivy League, Vietnam Vet, bred to be a DC animal.

According to knowledgeable folks in “The DC Swamp,” this exercise should have taken no more than three days, so the conclusion is, “There’s no there, there.”

Nonetheless, rabid Democrats, like those seen on MSNBC, are frothing at the mouth for Trump’s head without giving a thought to the fact they would get an Evangelical who would overturn Roe vs Wade during his term and put at least two, maybe three or four, real and young, Conservatives on the Supreme Court.

While it may be true Mr. Mueller is as unbiased as anyone in the Justice Department that fact says more about the bureau than about Mr. Mueller.  Washington, DC and every government employee lives under an ethic diametrically opposed to that of the taxpayers: Where  citizen economics depend on what we make, government people depend on what they take.

This difference is profound and has put us in wars from World War II and on.  It drives “man-caused global warming” creating new bureaus and hundreds of economy killing regulations.

When Robert Swan Mueller III was appointed Capitol denizens sang his praises.  Like Barack Obama you would think he had walked across the Potomac on the water, but his best friend, of long-standing, is Jim Comey and he was one of nine Federal officials who approved the Clinton’s Uranium One deal for a strategic material we have to import!  Robert Swan Mueller III could be considered a co-conspirator in this treasonous transaction, the full impact of which will be felt by America in perpetuity; sold out by the Clintons for $145.5 million contributed to The Clinton Foundation.

Where America has only 1% of the known world’s uranium ore and Russia has 8% it is clear the Putin move on our uranium supply is an attempt to strangle our supply!  A competent Secretary of State, or President for that matter, would never have permitted this deal, but the Clintons promoted it as their foundation got a $145 million contribution from a Russian businessman/bagman and Bill got $500,000 for a 20 minute speech in Moscow.

A private audit of the Clinton Foundation has shown the Clintons keep 90% of the money donated to the foundation!  This is treason that far exceeds that of Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg.

Meanwhile back at the swamp, Jim Comey recently made a self-serving appearance to a committee confirming  he is out for revenge so what else should we expect from his best friend Bob Mueller than a serious, if not evil, vendetta.  Of course, Jim Comey feels license granted in his firing in spite of a clearly ridiculous, indictment rich gift to the Clintons.

While critics of America have long said, “America is all about money the Democrat’s mega-donors are going down in sex scandals on nothing more than accusations without corroborations, trials, juries simply because, “Everybody knows.”  In an era of complete communication on dozens of channels simultaneously “the court of public opinion” is functional!

We think that same court has decided Robert Swan Mueller III has nothing for the simple reason they have seen nothing, plus he has broken the rules!  The pre-dawn break-in raid on the Paul Manafort residence would have netted three or four dead bodies if it were my house even if they were yelling, “FBI! FBI!” as we are under no obligation to believe anyone who breaks and enters your home under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

There has been serious speculation by no less than Christopher Ruddy that in a conversation with President Trump he expressed “perhaps terminating” Mueller.  Ruddy feels, as do we, that would be a big mistake.  We assume there is nothing to “Russia, Russia, Russia!” cry of dingbat Democrats given the confident way Mr. Trump has handled this nonsense, that all of RT TV’s eight commentators were all in-the-bag for Hillary during the campaign, the rabid Democrats have produced no evidence of any kind regardless their wild claims.”

The Democrats have no hope of impeaching, removing President Trump and seeing him in prison which is the greatest of their dreams. All they are accomplishing is showing how crazy they are, calling attention to their failures, that they have lost 1200 public offices in Federal and State elections, that they support illegal immigration for the illegal votes they yield, that they have really enslaved “black” citizens in a new way since they arose from the ashes of defeated slave owners and losing to Republican Abraham Lincoln!

The new media, Internet blogs and Facebook, are beating them in the ground with the one tool they have: Exposure!

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