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In the days of old, when I was in school, I carried with me a small audio recorder. Back then, we had these mini cassette tapes. Many people used them for dictation. I took mine to class. When the teacher began to speak on a topic I thought might be of particular import, I switched it on while I was taking notes, just in case I missed something.

It was no smartphone, but still a very handy tool. Not once do I recall a teacher or professor telling me to “turn that thing off” – that I didn’t have permission to record in class. In fact, most thought it a pretty good idea.

That was then – when teachers were paid to teach, not advocate. To this day, I don’t believe I knew the political affiliation of a single one. Doubtful a student today could make the same claim.

Today is an entirely different atmosphere, in college, and increasingly in high school classrooms. It seems today, teachers are doing everything but teaching. They join and sometimes organize protests, marches and sit-ins. They advocate for every wacky liberal cause imaginable, and from the sound of some, they appear to not know enough to teach the subject for which they are being paid. But really, many are being paid to indoctrinate – not teach.

And the last thing they want to do is be discovered as fraud activists merely posing as teachers, which is why some are unilaterally demanding they not be recorded in class.

Take for example the case of a black female professor, who teaches a psychology course at Orange County College in – where else – California. The teacher, Olga Perez Stable Cox, was evidently a tad bit disappointed by the election of Donald Trump. The College Fix reports  that on November 15, 2016, a student in her class, Joshua Recalde-Martinez, president of the College Republicans on campus, recorded her spouting off about the recent election.

“Trump is a white supremacist, and a Vice President that is ahh, one of the most ahh, anti-gay humans in this ahh, country,” Ms. Stable Cox disjointedly opined. Ms. “Stable” Cox sounds a bit unstable to me. She continued: “And so ahh, we are in for ahh, a difficult time, but again, I do believe we can get past that. Our nation is divided – we have been assaulted – it’s an act of terrorism.”

Well heck. When Ms Stable Cox uses incendiary terms like “assaulted” and “terrorism,” she is likely to not “get past that” anytime soon. She then goes on to explain that, “one of the most frightening things for me and most people in my life is that the people creating this assault are among us. It is not some stranger from another country coming in and attacking our sense of what it means to be an American and what we stand for.” She then states that we are back to being in a Civil War.

Okay – heard enough? Small wonder this leftist whack-job doesn’t want to be recorded. She also told the students that she would go over some “coping skills,” for – you know – all the snowflakes in the class, who no doubt also wept when Hillary lost.

The Fix added that the instructor, with the backing of the teachers union, wants both the student and the College Republicans punished for his offense – except there is no offense which took place. I mean other than exposing her for the radical she is.

This was not a private conversation or closed door meeting. As Dennis Prager put it – in an open classroom environment, on the campus of a publicly funded school, there is no expectation of privacy.

This activist is just angry she got caught spewing her leftist hatred in an effort to indoctrinate a captured audience, as teachers all over the country do every day. What we need is more courageous students recording these frauds, and without constant fear of reprisal from their instructors, the school, or the union cartels.

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