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Benghazi and the e-mail crimes are bad enough, but I think pre- meditated murder is even worse. One Internet theory claims that Hillary and Bill Clinton may have had a hand in the death of JFK, Jr. The proof is to be found at Hidden Mysteries, The Magazine,  “The Crimes of an American President“, by Mike Douglass, on the last two pages.

1. Just one day before the downing of his small six seater Saratoga Piper aircraft, JFK, Jr. attended a private luncheon with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Afterwards Kennedy seemed shaken and would make no comments to the media sheep hounding him. When the press asked Hillary what they had discussed, she simply replied, “I advised him not to enter public life.”

2. Several eyewitness accounts stated that Kennedy departed with a fourth person who was assumed to be his flight instructor. This fourth person mysteriously vanished from the official reports.

3. Two eyewitnesses have come forward claiming that while walking on the beach the night of Kennedy’s death, they heard and saw an explosion in the sky. Other witnesses claimed to have observed strange lights in the sky.  Still more witnesses reported observing fleets of black helicopters in the Edgartown area, both before and after Kennedy’s disappearance.

4. Apparently all radar and satellite telemetry for his approach corridor had been shut down on executive order coming from the White House.

5. After thirty hours, the Coast guard was finally called into action. Suddenly, President Clinton called out the US Navy to join the S&R operation. It would be far easier to keep a navy operation under wraps.

6. President clinton established a 1,5 mile no fly zone around the entire rescue operation, initiating a complete press blackout. When the plane was found, the no fly zone was increased to five nautical miles.

7. No photographs are present showing the wrecked fuselage of the Piper.

8. Less than four hours after the bodies were recovered, they were autopsied and less than two hours after the autopsies, they were all cremated. Get rid of the evidence, you know. No forensic photos were taken of any of the three bodies that were recovered, which was required by law.

9. Although none of the three victims had ever served in the military, they were all given a burial at sea. No chance for future forensic investigations.

10. Some inside Navy sources who were part of the S&R operation are now leaking information that the bodies were badly burned, that the fuselage was riddled with bullet holes and that the tail was blown off, suggesting missile fire.

JFK, Jr.’s wife was pregnant with a son, which also was anathema to Hillary, and he had recently said in his magazine “George” that he intended to launch a thorough investigation into his father’s death. He also had decided to run for the Senate seat from New York that Hillary wanted (and got). Also he was the only one of all the Kennedy’s who was a good person (because of his wonderful mother) and was well liked by one and all, and popular with the public, and probably would have made his way easily in politics. So he had to be eliminated.

The Clintons have a body count of at least 300 murdered people, you can read the names and dates and cause of death in the internet. Many who were shot three times were listed as suicides, etcetera, and Vince Foster is surely one of their victims.

There’s a video at Info Wars:  “Former Clinton Insider Larry Nichols Vows to Stop Hillary” in which Mr. Nichols says Bill told him that Hillary flew out to los Angeles with some other women once a month for years to attend Satanic ceremonies — she is a witch, according to Bill.

It has also been rumored that Hillary is a lesbian, and supposedly when she travels, in every city, she orders some call girls for herself. Maybe that’s why Bill goes to so many other women? But  he has a problem: a black woman who is the manger of a Little Rock McDonald’s restaurant, one of the seven or so Clinton “regulars” (and from whom he supposedly has a son), is frightened for her life after revealing that Clinton has an extremely tiny penis. Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and others have independently corroborated this distinguishing feature of Clinton’s anatomy. Maybe that’s why he is so gung-ho for oral sex (which he said is not sex) because the normal thing is not his forte.

But what is certainly treasonous and deserving of a Grand Jury trial is this final quote: “I am delighted to be here in these new Council of Foreign Relations headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the mother ship in New York City, but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”  Hillary Clinton Secretary of State, 7/15/2009



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