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Liberals in the media make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to Republicans, but hide the elephant in the room when it comes to Democrats.

Pitch forks and torches are in the streets, corrupt activists in the courts, foreigners invading America demanding handouts, Islamic terrorists running rampant, and the Inquisition witch hunts in Congress.  Welcome to the next four years of radical leftwing terrorism to stifle the Trump presidency.  This is Obama’s Black Flag Army of agitators and bureaucrats assaulting the American people to defy their will and install a socialist dictatorship.

Democrats are engulfed in their hysteria of Trump Derangement Syndrome and have become enraged at the people who voted them out of power.  Obama’s weakening of America and empowering of the Jihad has made the world and the nation so unstable that he believes he can engineer a coup to overthrow the Republicans.  The problem for the nation is that half the GOP is willing to ally with him to oust Trump and the TEA Party.

Caesar, beware the Ides of March!  GOP Establishment turns on Trump

Democrats are screaming “Watergate,” “Iran-Contra,” and are insanely desperate to bring down Trump before he can begin to unravel and expose what Democrats have been doing the past eight years.  Where that $10T that Obama stole went to will be enough to crush the Democrat Party.  That they are ready to install a Moslem, a racist, or a criminal as head of the DNC should be a clue to the clueless.  Obama’s transfer of Uranium to Iran to help them nuke up is another.  Hillary has already been bought by the Russians with the Uranium transfer just a down payment if her services.  But those of us who understand that Obama was an Islamic Trojan Horse already know the truth while the rest of the country is blind.

Democrat’s overthrow of the Constitutional government with the help of RINOs was on the verge of success until Trump threw a monkey wrench into their transformation of America.  Now the lot of them are on all the talk shows with their media buddies cheering them on to form lynch mobs for the Trump administration.  If you didn’t understand that this is a war for the heart and soul of America then you are not prepared to do what is necessary to win.  Trump blundered when he dismissed Gen. Flynn to give the least little credence to dangerous Democrats frantic to seize power and make America their own banana republic.

Democrats go on offensive to impeach Trump

Democrats organize “grassroots” anti-Trump party paid for by Obamaites

Trump’s greatest blunder

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