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One of the things I learned as a teacher was to resist the temptation to try to tell my students everything I wanted them to know.  Better a drink that can be swallowed from a cup, than a deluge from a fire hose.  Thus it is that in my article “We’ve Got Evidence of Obama’s False Flag Attack Attempt!” (iPatriot 5/21/16) I didn’t tell everything I knew, or suspected.

That article was in support of James Garrow’s article “Former US Agent: Military Thwarted 2013 Obama False Flag EMP Attack on US” (iPatriot 5/20/16).  My article provided documented evidence in the form of seismograms of an atomic bomb detonation on October 8, 2013, when, and roughly where, Garrow had claimed.

Garrow’s article produced over a 1,000 “shares,” mine over 300.  Since I don’t know the size of the iPatriot audience, I do not know if this is a lot or not.  But I do know that, to the extent that Garrow and I were trying to light a fuse, the fuse has fizzled.  I suspect it was doused by a combination of disbelief/denial and the torrent of sensational and calamitous events that we are being subjected to these days.

But I have a little more flint and steel left, so I shall attempt to re-light the fuse, in the hope that this business may yet blow up in Obama’s face.  Here is a chronology of some events surrounding the atomic detonation that I did not report earlier.

Sept. 2, 2013:  Senator Lindsey Graham (R – SC) meets with President Obama at the White House.

Sept. 3:  Senator Graham warns of a possible nuclear terrorist attack on Charleston, South Carolina, unless the US attacks Syria, as Obama wants. This warning comes after the meeting with President Obama on September 2. (CBS Charlotte/AP, 9/3)

Sept. 3, 2013 (same day):  Internet reporter Alex Jones reports on his internet show InfoWars an illegal, protocol-violating, “black ops” transfer of three nuclear weapons from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas to somewhere in South Carolina on September 3, 2013.   His source: an alarmed inside informer.

Oct. 8:  An atomic blast on the Atlantic sea bed, approximately 450 miles east of Jacksonville FL.  It is reported by USGS as a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.  Seismograms showing the event to have been a nuclear explosion are recorded up the US east coast.

Oct. 9:  Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, second in command of the US Strategic (i.e. nuclear) Command is fired for “using counterfeit gambling chips.”  Admiral Giardina’s dismissal appears to have been punitive: he was demoted from a 3-star to a 2-star admiral.  No evidence is presented, no charges are filed.  Unsung, attack-thwarting hero number 1.

October 11:   General Michael Carey, head of US Strategic Command, is fired for “a loss of  trust and confidence.”  The charge is vague, and the dual firings unprecedented.  Unsung, attack-thwarting hero number 2.  

October 12:  The European Union Times reveals the entire false-flag episode, based on a report by the GRU (Russian military intelligence).  This report is ignored by US media.

One of the things this chronology highlights is that a nuclear detonation in the region of the US southeast was not totally unexpected; Alex Jones and Senator Graham gave their warnings of a possible nuclear threat to the area more than a month before the event.  These warnings were not fabricated after the fact in an attempt to support claims of events that had already transpired.  They are documented warnings of some kind of nuclear event yet to come.  And it did.

Another insight from the chronology is that it looks like we were being set-up for the false flag attack.  Senator Graham’s warning can be viewed as preparing people for a “terrorists did it” cover story for the planned attack.  Whether he was an accomplice, or had simply been fed disinformation in the meeting with President Obama, or elsewhere, I do not know.

Overall, it appears to me that “plausible deniability” is not a plausible option for President Obama.  How could the nukes have been requisitioned and moved in violation of all protocol, the Strategic Command commanding officers fired, and the nuclear blast misrepresented/suppressed by the USGS without President Obama’s involvement?   And of course, President Obama is the one who would have emerged from such an attack with dictatorial powers, paving the way for a New World Order.  And finally, if others are to blame for this rogue nuclear blast, where is the court martial?

If this business is ever to be investigated and the truth made public, someone with an inignorable (new word) public platform is going to have to raise the issue.  So far, conservative mainstream media such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have not done so.  Nor has anyone in our esteemed congress.  I see four possible reasons for this.

One:  There is no issue.  The information I’ve pulled off the internet is bogus; part of a vast conspiracy to discredit President Obama.

Two:  They never heard any of this.  (But since I’ve heard, it’s hard to believe they haven’t.)

Three:  There is no conservative mainstream media.  Conservative talk radio and the like are just pacifiers for conservatives to suck on; they keep us focused on Hillary’s emails while Obama plots the annihilation of our civilization.

Four:  Fear.  This is assassination-level stuff .  (Garrow reports elsewhere that General Carey and Admiral Giardina and their families are in hiding; though the GRU seems unconcerned.)

I vote for number four, but you may vote as you wish.

In this episode we see yet another reason for the genuine world-wide establishment panic at the prospect of the election of Donald Trump.  He is just the man to bring all this to light when he is President.  Let us pray, and keep praying, for his safety (see reason four above).



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