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The media have been unloading propaganda from all corners meant to distract from and cover up the real issues.  Hillary’s web of lies is coming unraveled while her media hacks strive to provide cover down the home stretch to get her the power of the presidency.

Democrats say Trump is hate, but his campaign is about American law.  Our immigration system is not broken, but the government is that doesn’t secure our borders.  The tax code is a mess, government spending is out of control and driving America into bankruptcy, and the foreign policy of Obama and Hillary fomenting wars in the Middle East to help the Muslim Brotherhood establish a new caliphate isn’t righteous, it’s betrayal.  Bringing Islam to American isn’t tolerance, it’s insanity.  This is everything you need to know to wade through the propaganda you hear to make an intelligent decision in the voting booth for the future of America and your children.

How do you talk to a voter who has only heard that Trump’s campaign is all about hatred and promoting a new Hitler Nazi agenda against illegals and Moslems as a new Holocaust?  This is what Hillary and the Democrat media are saying.  The Left is spoon feeding propaganda that Trump dodged taxes, abuses women, and hates brown people.  The people are tired hearing the words ‘emails’ and ‘Benghazi’ because they haven’t paid the least bit of attention to what they mean.  Contrary to popular belief it is not the economy stupid, it is not terrorism, it’s not immigration, and it’s not how mankind is destroying the planet.  The greatest challenge facing America today is overcoming leftwing propaganda and the ignorance that is filled with misinformation.

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Dispelling the lies and propaganda about Trump.

He did not evade taxes or use loopholes or lose other people’s money or cheat contractors for his own profit.  His taxes are all legally filed through the IRS using the tax code as Democrats drew it up.  There are no loopholes that slick lawyers slip through the cracks.  It is all designed to profit their rich friends with tax breaks of which the general public is unaware.  He did not cheat contractors, but he did hold a few incompetents to account.  He did not lose a billion dollars of other people’s money.  The loss he incurred was startup costs.  Hillary asked with a laugh, “How do you lose a billion dollars on a casino?”  Easy, you start out building it.  How much do you think the Bellagio cost to build that beautiful pyramid?  They didn’t make money while they were building it because it wasn’t open.

Trump has never in his life abused women or been racist or bigoted toward any minority.  He has been in the public eye for forty years.  Do you think if he had then someone would have said something before now?  That Democrats paid scabs to make allegations is a farce.  And since when have illegals and Moslems been any other race?  Most all are Caucasian.  Building a wall to stop people from stealing over the border is no more racist than locking your doors.  And keeping out Islamists who want to impose Sharia on Americans and make them assimilate to their culture rather than assimilate into America is not racist, it’s survival.  Who in America wants to be forced to wear a burka and pray to Mecca five times a day?  Since Obama became president there have been multiple successful terrorist attacks by jihadis including at least one major attack every year.  His assistance to the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Middle Eastern governments is setting the world on fire.  Which brings us to emails and Benghazi.

The reasons that emails and Benghazi are so vitally important

Sick of hearing about Hillary’s emails for her yoga schedule and birthday parties?  You haven’t heard a damn thing.  The reason the FBI reopened the case into Hillary’s emails is because Dir. Comey deliberately dropped the ball.  By saying “lack of obvious intent” was his reason for not recommending the Department of Justice pursue charges for Hillary’s security violations that he listed out he circumvented the law.  That AG Lynch met secretly with Hillary’s husband just a week before is more than suspicious, especially in light of the fact that she is now blocking the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.  In addition, she has an assistant who is a close friend of Podesta whose emails have been featured in WikiLeaks running interference as well.

Hillary’s emails exposed by WikiLeaks have revealed that she used her government position to peddle governmental favors on those who paid her and her husband and their foundation hundreds of millions of dollars.  Is this the kind of government you want that sells your tax dollars to foreign enemies in return for personal wealth?  The FBI is also investigating Trump, but the only reason for this is because they were ordered to do so by Obama to provide cover for Hillary.  But nothing Trump could possibly have done at his so-called “foundation” would affect national security or leave him open to being hacked or black-mailed by foreign powers to affect national policy.

FBI believes Clinton case will lead to multiple indictments

Benghazi is even more nefarious.  Ambassador Stevens is said to have objected to Obama and Hillary using his embassy as a way station through which to pass money and weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Hillary took away his Marine security and ignored six hundred pleas for protection.  Her emails show that she was openly updating his location which could have been used by the terrorists that ultimately cornered and assassinated the ambassador.  This goes far beyond Hillary just enriching herself by supporting Islamic regimes that oppress their people, slaughter gays, and enslave women.

Democrat policies undermining American energy, economy, and security

Obama and Hillary have endorsed and promoted such frauds as global warming to shut down American energy to make the country dependent on foreign sources.  They created ObamaCare which stole from Medicare and now is destroying the health insurance industry in the hopes of having desperate people turn to them for government insurance, which would only put more of people’s money into government pockets.  The massive premium increases that Obama is trying to blame on Republican obstruction were written into the law and reported in 2009.  This was designed to happen, but Obama has hidden these costs by unlawfully delaying their implementation, but this time Republicans kept him from pushing it back till after the election.

Taxes do not make the people rich, but make the government rich.  Clinton’s call to increase taxes on the rich will only result in more money for the government and less for businesses.  That means fewer jobs and more people dependent on government welfare, unemployment, and fraudulent disability that are also stealing from seniors as Democrats keep Social Security in the General Fund to dip into as they wish.  In addition, Democrat’s globalist open borders policy is permitting all kinds of illegals to enter the country, including criminals and terrorists, and they want to give these people citizen’s rights to vote.  Worst of all is their endorsement and support of the criminal jihadi terror movement known as Black Lives Matter that has been rioting in the streets, looting and burning businesses, and murdering police on the basis of the Democrat lie that police are the new KKK.

Drain the swamp

Everyone knows that Washington has become a cesspool of corruption in which those in power are seizing taxpayer funds either through taxation, lobbying, subsidizing, and tax breaks for their rich friends.  Congressmen have not just been practicing insider trading, but use laws and regulations to manipulate the market.  America has not been a capitalist free market in the last century with the Federal Reserve deciding how the economy will function.  This is why the Founders warned not to allow the creation of a national bank.

Democrats have held sway over the government since 1930 when they used public fear over the Stock Market Crash to raise taxes and plunge the nation into the Great Depression.  Millions were then dependent on government handouts to survive.  The Death Tax they promote today as “making the rich pay their fair share” enabled some in the Midwest to seize family farms because their children couldn’t afford the massive land taxes.  Every Democrat program they have pawned off on the people as for their benefit has only been to benefit those in government who profit by taking more of people’s money.

America has been living under quasi-socialism for decades, but with Obama and Hillary their plans to install one party rule on the people they have duped is nearly complete.  The RINOs in the Republican Party are okay with that so long as they get their cut and will pretend to be an opposition party while doing nothing as they have the past six years.  In steps Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman beholden to none, who says he’s going to stop the deterioration of America and drain the swamp of corruption out of D.C. and all hell breaks loose in the halls of power.

Obama Democrats have been deliberately breaking America’s immigration law by letting all illegals into the country that will support the Democrats.  They have been importing Islamists who do not assimilate but want to force Americans to become what they are – the world’s ultimate socialist ideology of slaves.  Hillary and Obama say Trump is fear-mongering like Hitler and that Moslems and Mexicans are the new Holocaust victims.  Trump is not calling for killing anyone, but BLM and the Democrats are when they say they will riot and attack white people in the suburbs if Trump wins.  Obama already holds the crown for being a worthless demagogue elected on his charming lies for being a Hitler wannabe, and Hillary is looking for him to pass the crown to her.  But as things pan out over the next week things may change radically if Obama doesn’t want to allow Trump to dismantle the destruction he has wrought on the Great Satan and ruin his legacy.

Trump Hillary

A Trump victory will mean one of three things; either Obama will openly violate the Constitution and refuse to step down, fortify the White House, and try to have Trump arrested and executed.  Or he will flee the country to avoid justice for his many crimes and treasons that will be exposed, and Hillary will run with him.  Or Democrats will use the Fed to nuke the economy catastrophically and blame Republicans.  Americans have been showing in the rallies for the two candidates how they feel with millions of working Americans attending Trump rallies while Hillary can’t draw flies.  The leftwing media has been working overtime to hide Hillary’s scandals and amplify false accusations of Trump to keep people distracted.  This is because revealing the truth about Democrats would result in no one voting for them.  How many blacks are turning out when Democrats are allowing police to be assassinated and suggesting that gangbangers be made neighborhood watchdogs?

But the Internet, WikiLeaks, and the FBI have spoiled their schemes and all they can do is claim the Russians are coming as their next fear-mongering ploy.  Hillary’s smears of Trump as the fear-monger fall flat in the face of her own fear-mongering that Trump is unstable, a racist, and a hater.  You don’t build a billion dollar business by being any of those things.  But you can become a super-rich politician by being all of those things.  Democrats have given access to America’s halls of power to socialists for generations, and to radical Islamists and racist agitators for the past eight years and they wonder why the country is going to sh*t.

Hillary’s fear-mongering over her “deplorables”

Going forward with Hillary means more of the same as under Obama which is a stagnant economy, high taxes, wasteful spending, and taking apart America.  How has that worked out for you?  Democrats say America was never been great, but then Hillary says in her campaign speech that it has always been great.  How do you get past the Left’s diametrically polar opposite visions of America to the truth?  You must realize that when someone tells you something and then says or does the complete opposite that they are lying to you.  Once you have a healthy skepticism about what is being said, what stories are being told, and what people say they believe and are going to do then you will find that you can recognize what is important and what is a distraction, what is right and what is wrong, what is true and what is false.  Then the pieces of the puzzle will start to fall into place.

Finding the Truth between the Right and the Left

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