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So with all of the controversy surrounding this year’s supposed candidate nominees for both the republican and democratic parties, what if the republican elite and leaders all just give in and support Donald Trump, and what if all the Democratic elite and leaders all just give in and support Hillary Clinton?

First, I predict that whichever one of the two who would win the majority of those who vote will never satisfy the country as a whole that they should be President, and the November election could create one hell of a political backlash storm of an unprecedented amount. This could truly create a civil war unlike the original, but one that destroys the complete fabric of America.

So many state you have to vote for … so that …does not get into office because we need to secure the Supreme court by having a conservative constitutionalist, while others state we must elect ….so that our current President’s agenda continues. Neither are a reason to vote for, but a reason to vote against the other.

Anyone who has a liking to researching political figures could have vetted either of these candidates completely out of the running, but neither will have stomped harshly on one another because they are great friends, and have many ideas similar. So what if people like Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, and Bill Kristol all fall out of their moral, and ethical standards and support Donald Trump whole-heartedly? What does that do to all of the #nevertrump voters? Those that are grassroots voters, who live paycheck to paycheck, or are in the heartland of America? What happens if Bernie Sanders tells his followers to forget me, because Hillary is the right choice, even though there are issues with the email scandal and Benghazi deaths? What happens to the #neverhillary democrats?

Do you want to lower your Christian morals and values to vote for an Adulteress, thief, lying misogynist that is bigoted and racist to stop Hillary? You believe God would say you did well by giving up my Word to stop Hillary? Do you want to make history so bad, that you are willing to overlook the lies and trickery of Bill and Hillary Clinton? Are you willing to weigh out the email scandal and Benghazi episode so you can say that Liberals are morally superior and have elected a woman, no matter how criminal she is? What do you think will happen when you reach the Heavenly gates, and St. Peter tells you where you will spend eternity? Do you think giving up morals and ethics to elect a woman, without character or substance and criminality in her past will get you through those Pearly gates?

Is there not another option? Are you not tired of lifetime politicians who spend their days lying to Americans, and creating gridlock in D.C. to their advantage? Are you not tired of sleazy candidates running for office? Don’t you want to hold your head high and know that not only your party, but a majority of the other party voted for a candidate that was real, genuine, and put America first, over their own aspirations? Do you not look fondly on the memories of JFK, and Ronald Reagan? Are you not proud that Abe Lincoln led the fight to end slavery? Do you not get awestruck by the intellect of our founding fathers to write a constitution that is as vibrant and relevant today as it was 240 years ago?

If it takes a revolutionary civil war to bring America back to its roots, so be it, but to me, a Constitutionalist with no agenda, other than to lead America back to that “shining City on a Hill”, and make it worthwhile for the president to state you need not “ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” once again, and the days where people worked one job, Moms could stay home if they wanted to , and not forced to work due to the cost of living, and Dads do not work two jobs and always too tired and broke to take their family on a vacation, or out to a special dinner? Why do the costs to live keep rising dramatically while the pay for good honorable jobs has not increased in the free market due to the costs of greed by politicians? Don’t you want that to stop? Don’t you want the government out of your backyard, and especially out of your bedroom? Your moral and ethical standard is yours, and would you not like for the Federal government to stop trying to micromanage 360,000,000 people?

So what if one of these two are elected President? There will be widespread discontent, division unlike what America has ever endured, higher prices, hatred of neighbors and suspicion of everyone. What if they are elected, then no longer will your life and the Constitution be the same as you know it, but be torn asunder by the greed and self-supporting agendas of either candidate. Are you ready for a 3rd world America? Are you ready for burning cities, and people killed due to their color, race, creed, religion, or status in society? Are you ready to fear for your family’s safety?

What if you just demanded better, and refuse to vote for either one Donald J. Trump or Hillary R. Clinton, and if that is the choices, demand a new election? What if you got informed, involved, and demand a revolution in politics?


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