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Must Republicans be above reproach because Democrats spew hate?  Liberals live in a fantasy world in which socialism is benevolent, climate change is caused by man, Islam is a religion of peace, and Democrats are the party of truth, justice, and freedom.  They believe the hate they spew at the Right is just and good, and they believe the truth Republicans speak is bigotry.  Because of the Left’s lies some Republicans believe the members of their party must be above reproach and without sin in order to stand against the unrighteous perversions of the Left.

Tucker Carlson –Democrat’s sexual predators are “American Icons” – min 15:33

There is only one man in all of history who led a sinless life and He is the Savior, Jesus Christ.  Moslems say Muhammad was “the Perfect Man,” yet an examination of his life reveals a man who engaged in oppression, extortion, theft, murder, rape, and pedophilia.  Leftist Moslems say all of his actions were “justified” by the evils of the people he had his followers attack and enslave.  For those who know nothing of Islam other than what they have heard in leftist media, Muhammad attempted to extort the city leaders of Mecca to make him their leader.  When they banished him and his followers from the city he began raiding their caravans, murdering merchants, and stealing their goods.  Mecca went to war with Muhammad for ten years, but he eventually enlisted enough followers to conquer them.  Then he sent his armies out to invade their neighbors that began a century and a half of fanatic Moslems conquering and enslaving other countries throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia.  He then married and had sex with a girl under ten years old.  Does this sound like “the Perfect Man” to you?  What of people today?

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The Reader’s Digest version of Mohammad and Islam

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Leftists say it is right to steal from the rich because they stole their wealth from the poor.  They say it is right to destroy men who are accused of being sexual predators and rapists without proof because women in the past have suffered from false accusations.  Is that how you would achieve justice?  While leftists endorse their criminals as righteous they take revenge on the innocent.  They laud their perverts like Senators Conyers and Franken as men of great virtue.  Then they point at Republicans and conservatives who are likewise accused of sexual misconduct and declare them scum.  The difference is that the accusations against Roy Moore are unsubstantiated, while the charges against Conyers and Franken are laden with truth.  While Democrats say Moore is unfit to hold office they embrace these men and protect them to keep them in office on the basis that Trump and Moore are worse men.  They claim Trump and Moore and their voters are either more immoral or hypocritical in their morality and therefore must be shamed and destroyed.

In response to this some Republicans believe what the Left says they must do.  This is tantamount to believing that righteous men must submit to the will of the wicked because they are not perfect.  It’s the same as a general surrendering to the invading enemy that seeks to enslave his people because some of his soldiers violated the Geneva Convention.  In other words, it’s stupid.  Why would you give your enemy, who wallows in lies, perversions, and wickedness, the ability to choose your leaders for you?  This is not righteousness, this is cowardice.  It is not justice, it is naïveté.  If Republicans surrendered to the lying liberal media every time they made a baseless accusation against one of them then there would be no Republicans.  When Sarah Palin lifted McCain’s 2008 presidential ticket the leftist media set out to destroy her.  They claimed she was so stupid that she said she could see Russia from her house and was a drag on the ticket.  McCain restrained her from going on the attack against Obama and the result was his defeat and the crushing decline of America.  Now they are saying Moore would be a drag on Trump, that Trump is too depraved to be in high office, and that the Republican Party is being perverted.  What is being perverted is the truth.  What is being perverted is justice.

Life is simple when you become mature and understand morality.  The Left condemns America for dropping the atomic bomb on Japan and says the USA should unilaterally disarm all her nukes.  Arabs say Jews stole their land and should unilaterally disarm the Israeli military.  So should America and Israel submit to their will and render themselves defenseless?  As Netanyahu said,

“Israel is not what’s wrong about the Middle East, it’s what’s right.  If Muslims lay down their arms, there would no war in the Middle East.  If Jews lay down their arms, there would be no Israel.”

Why then should Republicans surrender to the leftist media’s propaganda for liberal Democrats, the party of slavery, the people who endorse socialist totalitarianism, the morally perverted, and the immature liars, thieves, and cretins of the nation, and give them the reins of power?  What guilt do these fools suffer that they believe they should bare their throats to the enemy that would destroy them?  Liberals offer nothing positive, only their own perverted morality, greed, and smears.  Do Republicans have to be pure as the driven snow in order to claim virtue?  Democrats claim to be virtuous, yet they are the party of abortion murdering babies in the womb!  It is time to grow up and see through the lies, see through the blame, reject the guilt trips, and see the Left for who and what they are.  It is time to grow up and recognize that, though you are not perfect you do stand for what is morally right.  The difference between the Left and Right is that leftists believe revenge is justified, while the righteous only believe in justice.  Republicans and Democrats have never and will never unite.  They have occasionally worked together for mutual benefit, but their ideologies are conflicting opposites.  Capitalism and socialism cannot coexist any more than Christianity and Islam.  You cannot make a deal with or live in unity with an adversary who only wants your destruction.  You can only defeat them.  Republicans are not perfect, and there are those among them who are corrupt leftists as men like McCain, Flake, and Corker prove.  But they are still far superior to Democrats in every way.  They always have been from Washington thru Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Reagan, and they always will be as Trump is proving in his fighting back against the lies of the Left.

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