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Joe Biden is now working to crack down on America’s right to hunt and fish, and even conservation groups are protesting these oppressive new regulations.

Biden’s new regulations are targeting fishing and hunting in multiple states across the country.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is planning to post new regulations that bans a list of ammunition and fishing tackle supplies for hunters and fishermen.

But conservationists are not exactly thrilled about the new rules.

Per Fox News:

International Order of T. Roosevelt (IOTR) Executive Director Luke Hilgemann, is spearheading the effort to get constitutional amendments on the ballot in several states in 2024 to secure the right to hunt and fish across the country.

“What we see here with the rule coming out of the Biden administration is the potential to close millions of acres of public lands that had been opened under the Trump administration to hunting and fishing,” Hilgemann told Fox News Digital. “They’re doing this basically by banning the most common forms of hunting cartridges that most people buy off the shelf and requiring that no lead cartridges be used on any federal lands.”

“If that happens, that’s going to force people to go back out and buy different kinds of cartridges that simply aren’t available at the levels that it needs to be in order for us to meet the demand of hunters in the field,” he added.

IOTR is aiming to secure the constitutional right to hunt and fish in all 27 states that don’t currently have the right to do so, with Florida, Ohio, South Dakota and Iowa the four priority states for the 2024 ballot. Right now, only 23 states have an explicit state constitutional right to hunt and fish, but IOTR believes that a majority of the states can achieve that right by 2025

Fox has much more on this at its report, so go take a look.

But this is all just another example of Joe Biden’s attack on Americans, American traditions, and everything that is America.

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