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First and foremost, let us understand that there are other candidates, but none with a full menu of accomplishments while serving America, and not serving himself. Evan has proven time and again that he has a true heart that was built upon a long list of ethics, principles, and integrity.

We are seeing, what Donald brags about, but Evan has happening, and that is true democrats who are disillusioned with Hillary are coming on board with Evan and letting him know that they chose him over their own party. We see the ever loving liberal state of California praying and begging for Evan to be a listed candidate because in their words “There are so many of us here in California hoping we can have you to vote for. There is no one else!”

Evan has a closeness to the millennials, a huge group of voters, and he speaks with clarity and from the heart. He hides nothing, and offers his principled and grounded thoughts on any subject, without needing to have a poll or pundit tell him what he needs to say.

While in Minnesota, families brought their children and grandchildren out to get the needed signatures and brought the welling of tears in the eyes of John Claybrook. “It is the moments like these, where you get to look people in the eye and hear their passion for this movement that keeps us going. My eyes couldn’t help but well with tears as I came across people who have jobs, families, and other responsibilities, but given the opportunity to do something small for their state and country, they answered the call.” Excerpt from Evan McMullin Blog.

Utah county clerk stated “This is unheard of. You can tell there is something different about this.” Speaking of the 90% verifiable signatures on the petition to get on Utah’s ballot. The strength of supporters who believe in Evan has created Facebook groups for every state, while on twitter *TeamMcMullin groups are coming forward and having to add more second and third groups to handle the number of Evan supporters.

What is so wonderful is there is no real negative history baggage that comes with Evan. He is not under investigation, nor has he been under investigation for any reason. He is a caring loving Human being and is not racist or bigoted. Evan’s position on Roe vs Wade is to protect all life from womb to natural old age. Evan wants a government answerable to the people, and not the well-to-do and connected of DC and NYC.

Evan believes that this election is not about politics, but about “a battle for the heart and soul of our country”. Evan believes that both Hillary and Donald only are offering old, broken divisive ideas. He states clearly that he believes neither is fit to be President. Evan believes he is the leader that can point America back in the direction of freedom, the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and the fundamental human being principles that have made our nation truly special. “This election is about what we believe is important as Americans. Do we believe that honesty, integrity, compassion and kindness still matter? Do we believe that we can be a nation of widely diverse ideas and beliefs that can still manage to co-exist in all the right ways? Can we be a nation that, when the rest of the world is watching, will be a beacon of freedom, truth, and goodness to all who watch?” stated Evan.

Evan is an originalist when it comes to the Supreme Court and stated so “First of all when it comes to the courts, I genuinely believe, and have always believed, that we need originalists on the court. Yeah, this isn’t a campaign promise that I made in order to appease Republicans like Donald Trump. This is something I believe firmly. The Constitution, I believe, is an inspired document, and we need our Supreme Court judges to take an originalist perspective on it,” And his stance on the executive branch and it’s powering is as follows, “Right now, the executive branch has taken over the powers that are explicitly given only to the Congress, only to the people’s representatives in Congress, to make laws. Those powers need to be shifted back to the executive, or sorry, back to the legislative branch, where the people’s representatives are accountable for the laws they make. Right now, we have bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., writing all these major laws that get in the way of economic freedom and just liberty in general, and the American people have very little recourse. That has to change,” McMullin said.

Whether you are one who stands strong on the Constitution, believe in compassion, or believe that the Federal Government has gotten too big for its own britches, Evan may appeal to you. If you only know what others have stated about Evan McMullin, the ex-CIA operative, American defender, then you need to go to his website at . This will give you insight to why the movement for Evan is moving quickly and why thousands of new supporters are signing up weekly. Time to view who matches your ideologies, and make a choice of character and principle over party unity.


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