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The recent incidents in Charlottesville, VA and Durham, NC involving the removal and destruction, respectively of Confederate Memorials are the fruits of the revisionist history promulgated by leftist, progressive, and liberal educators. The axiom “you reap what you sow” is quite appropriate here. You are hard-pressed to find Conservative professors in High School and almost impossible in colleges and universities.

We have educated this generation to be intolerant of all non-liberal, non-progressive and non-leftist thinking, to the point that they react emotionally and sometimes violently when a conservative like Milo Yanopoulos or David Shapiro show up on campus.

Just look at the reaction to President Trump’s election. You would have thought that Doomsday was upon us. A totally irrational reaction based solely on emotion. How did Academia respond? They cancelled exams, provided grief counselors, and actually added protest classes (for credit) to be able to cope with Mr. Trump’s election. Instead of telling them that the political winds have changed and time to get back to work they fueled their despair and enabled them to make complete imbeciles of themselves.

This is ridiculous!!

General Robert E. Lee’s statue has never been a symbol of oppression in the 152 years since his surrender at Appomattox Courthouse in 1865.

In fact, he was revered by both North and South after the war and helped heal the nation’s wounds during its Reconstruction. Where will it stop? The offense felt at such monuments is a false and fabricated emotion and not genuine at all.

Students at the University of Missouri in 2015 wanted to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson. A CNN reporter (Ashleigh Banfield) even went so far as to say that The Jefferson Memorial might have to go as well. This is total lunacy!!

The left/liberal agenda is to erase our history and distort it to their leftist ideology. An ideology which praises murderers like: Che Guevera, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

The Civil War, as tragic as it was, was a significant and defining moment in our nation’s history.

There was heroism and sacrifice on both sides of this war. It was a war which changed the United States forever and it should never be forgotten. Race relations in the South were improving until the election of 2008. The evidence of this is seen in the election patterns seen in these states. Conservative African-Americans were elected over liberal Democrat white candidates in many states of the South. The legacy of Barack Obama can be seen in every single riot since November 9, 2016.

The real cause of the riots in Charlottesville, VA was the law to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee and revise our history and eviscerate every American hero who has helped to found our country and its laws.

Finally, President Trump was absolutely correct in his statement regarding Charlottesville. There was violence on both sides here and not just the “Alt-Right” groups. Black Lives Matter has a history of violence. They have perpetrated and instigated violence toward Police officers for more than two years now but get a pass by the mainstream media. Anti-FA has done the same in the numerous riots seen on college and university campuses since the Presidential Election of November 2016.

Again, they are never called out by the media but when a so-called “Alt-Right” group becomes involved- all conservatives or Right-wing sympathizers are painted with the Nazi/KKK brush. Well, I am a Conservative, church-going Catholic and I am neither a Nazi nor a KKK member but I do defend their right to protest as is their right under the US Constitution.

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