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Due to a poorly presented depiction of socialism in academia in America we have evolved into a transition period leading from a mixed economy ( a mixture of controls and freedom in the market place) to the beginnings of socialism.  The definition of socialism as a system where all means of production are owned by the state ( which is construed to mean “by the people”) doesn’t explain what this means to private business and how economic calculations are made.

Remember our soldiers fought and died for a free society where a foreign country’s government would not control our lives.  These lives were lost to a different enemy of freedom.  A society where our own government would control the lives of Americans.  The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic, The National Socialist Party of Germany, The Socialist Party of North Vietnam and The Socialist Party of North Korea all operate and/or operated under the system we are implementing in our country with the idea that the government can control the economy and must nationalize those elements that are not operating as desired.

Whether the control is foreign or domestic the control is absolute and destructive.  Many now talk of how the government after WWII had lifted the economy.  They fail to mention that during the war many men and women were unable to buy anything and therefore they saved creating a large amount of pent up demand for all the post war era goods and services no longer required for the war effort.  There was the infusion of the G.I. Bill but that didn’t motivate producers to create and produce the goods and services the post war consumer was anxious for and had the money to buy.  Only by reducing the restrictions and allowing goods and services to again be freely produced and marketed did the economy boom.  The post war economy was not planned by the government, it was released from the tentacles of government and grew appropriately.  What was the incentive for production of goods and services?  The anticipation of profit.

Profit is a misunderstood word that is denigrated and mis-taught in academia.  It is a word that professors and teachers use to sneer at, while never acknowledging without profits their grants and salaries would have no source.  For it is profit ( not government confiscation and redistribution) that is at the source of wealth creation.  Collecting taxes from an unprofitable enterprise doesn’t produce any revenue for redistribution.  Profit is not only moral and proper but necessary.  It is the incentive that encourages business to take risks and the reward for planning and producing for the desires of the consumers.  It is begrudgingly given perfunctory recognition by those who should be rejoicing that it can exist.  It is delimited as if a “reasonable ‘ profit has some magic limits that an academic or a media commentator could feel comfortable with and is therefore sanctioned.

When socialism grabs hold of a society the issue of profit disappears because the private businessperson disappears.  There are no private businesses in the truly socialistic world.  Whether a country admits it is primarily socialistic or not has nothing to do with what is happening.  America is in denial but as it nationalizes components of the economy it is entering the realm of socialism.  Even the most strict enforcement of socialism takes a brutal attitude that eliminates private business to the point of extinction.  A socialist government which has its inherent bribery and favoritism leaves pockets of commercial activity just as the crooks oblige the shop owners who bow and pay and comply with the capricious demands of their “protectors. The crooks running a protection racket have a leg up on the crooks running a socialist regime.  They allow the shopkeeper to make a profit and run his business as he sees fit as long as he pays.  The socialist crook takes away the profit incentive, tells the shop owner how to run his business and turns him into a government employee caring for the government’s property that has been nationalized.  There is no profit only the stipend the government has decreed is allowed by the thugs in power.

Socialism is not a pretty state regardless how it has been sanitized by the vision of a Scandinavian welfare bonanza where leisure is rampant, health care is abundant and government debt is containable.  Would you want a world where your chance for success was based on the assurances of politicians that you have nothing to worry about?  If that is your vision of how you think life should be you should consider the character of the politicians who are promising you this paradise and the nature of the dream you are envisioning.  Individual effort is required in life and if you cannot or will not do what must be done to further your life you are indeed misled by thinking a smooth talking politician will take care of you.  Politicians spend their lives attempting to convince gullible voters that they have the interest of the voters at heart and that is what they live for.  They hedge, they promise, they cajole, they lie, they believe a law will solve everything and they believe enforcement of the law must be sacred unless it undermines their petty desires.  They pose as gentlemen and ladies pompously claiming virtue they haven’t got and anoint themselves with titles and luxury to glorify their immoral journey on the stage of fantasy.  Meanwhile the economy droops and the honest folk bow thankfully for the crumbs that have been confiscated and dribbled by the thieves who took them from their threadbare pockets.

You have seen Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and Iceland and the Soviet Union, the darkness of North Korea and the only success of China as it moved away from socialism as a stated ideal and allowed freedom to emerge by way of the ability to profit.  All of this evidence evidently is not enough for Americans as they are clinging to a notion that the government can be allowed to experiment in any way it wants to do what it cannot do.  It cannot implement socialism and call it freedom.  It cannot nationalize and subsidize and announce it is for a free market.  It cannot slap chains on business and tell them they are too big to fail and they must succeed.  This is how a socialist government operates.  By force. By demanding quotas and imposing restrictions.  By chocking off the incentive to produce, announcing a far greater good is to be realized by public service and obedience to its dictates.  This is the reinstitution of feudalism under the banner of socialism unnamed.  It is not a new idea, only the implementation of slavery without the verbal description of what can easily be seen.  Jobs will be the prerogative of the government.  Jobs will come from the government who in its benevolent position writes checks to businesses failing to compete on the world market taking money from tax coffers it pretends has unlimited funds to “stimulate.  In the words of Lee Ioccoca who opened this Pandora’s box many years ago, “ It will be the only game in town.  This “game’ will consist of a group of thugs taking and doling while work will deteriorate and bribery and banditry will emerge as the only way to survival.  The honest worker will see his earnings taken and given to the sloths that claim privilege by way of their vast inferiority which will consist of the greatest need that must be satisfied by those who are not in need but can produce.  This is the ugly world of socialism and it has been preached from ivory towers, from pulpits and newspaper columns as something other than what it is.  It is anti-profit.  It is antibusiness. It is ant-capitalism and it is anti-civilization.  It is anti-life.

Profit is not only an incentive for the ambitious.  It is a way of determining the success of your endeavor.  A government cannot operate on a profitable basis as it operates on making up its deficits by confiscation.  If a government made money on an endeavor where would that money go?  Would not the government managers and politicians and bureaucrats require a cut?  Would there be a taxpayer dividend received with regularity?  You see how the government operates when you observe the tax rebates in California are delayed.  Profit delimits spending beyond your means.  It produces failed businesses.  If profit is not achieved the business loses and eventually must disappear.  All without any financing ( bailout) by the government. A government,just like the failed businesses it rescues, continue ad infinitum by the confiscation and redistribution of wealth. Thus innovation takes a backseat to the established and subsidized.  Competition is wiped out.  The government decides.  The government rules. The government is the way.  The government miscalculates and the crops are inadequate.  Famine, disease and poverty prevail.  A weakened defense invites invasions and the ancient history of conquest and plunder reappears.

This is what the future of socialism really has to offer.  The ancient world didn’t know profit and lived as barbarians under the rule of tyrants. Intent on reincarnating terror in the name of benevolent intensions translated into a welfare state that eliminates profit is what we are observing and experiencing.  Why try to profit if it will be labelled illegal and confiscated?  Profit from an honest endeavor can be excessive but a fine that runs into the millions is perfectly acceptable and cannot be labelled profit.

Socialism properly defined is a system where private business and profit is outlawed.  Individual rights are destroyed and eventually censorship prevails.  Freedom of the individual is subservient to the whims of the state (and the lackeys running it).  This is the reality of socialism and this is what our political leadership and academics and media commentators are dancing around to avoid making clear to the country.  Socialism in a word translates into terror and if there is a war on terror to fight on the front line in our homeland that fight must be fought and won now.  Waiting for the consequences is asking for an unnecessary pain.


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